Are these for real?

Looks like Koxx One, but half the price:

i hope so

It’s a normal devil frame, not an XTP… but still a good deal!

how much would a normal one cost are how good of a deal are those

Oh look, $399, that was easy :slight_smile:

will they fit momnet cranks

Moments should fit on a koxx one hub as they’re both ISIS. However I remember there being an issue with the tolerances on K1 hubs and Moments would not fit. Considering I haven’t heard anyone complain about that lately, it may have been resolved.

knoxuni, but that uni and you won’t break it, I guarentee. It will also stop you complaining about your DX, which is another positive!

Looks like several web sites are selleing these unis and everybody is very careful to not mention K1… This one even says they are “CFG” unicycles:

These have Koxx saddles and cranks… I am pretty sure it is a K1…

lol everyones against koxx one except the people that ride them