Are there other unicycling forums in other languages?

Here we have German, Finnish and Dutch…

In what other languages do they exist, and where are they?
They’re not the easiest to find!
Maybe they exist as newsgroups… does anybody know which they are?

Thanks very much

There is one in mostly swedish (and some norwegian and danish):

And New Zealandish:

Another Dutch eenwielerforum at

Not reallt another language, unless you have a maori section :wink:

Lithuanian unicycling community at

grew out of bike forums at

Other than those already mentioned, I beleive there is a danish forum and a japanese forum, but I don’t have the URL for those.

And of course if there is the demand for other languages, I can easily add another forum to this site to meet those needs. Just let me know if you want a forum for another language.

Here is a link to the german forum:

The swiss forum:

… and the danish forum:

last but not least the UNICON XIII forum:

And there is also Polish unicycle forum at:
featuring some photos even from 70’s!
That’s the time when some guy at the village Chrzelice built his own
unicycle; then taught his son to ride it, and soon a lot of kids caught
the idea (btw. it was communists’ era almost at its “best”). Nowadays,
this small (and nfortunately still poor) village has c.a. 100 people able
to ride a unicycle and has a unicycle club and a training facility.