Are there ever any events in the midwest?

As the title says, I really want to find a uni event somewhere in the midwest. Or maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. Moab is in Utah, Toque is in Canada, Unicon isn’t even on this continent. Is there nothing in or within 300 miles of central Illinois?!?

how far away is where you live from ohio? there’s something going on in july in ohio. just i’m too tired from TOque to remember what the hell its called.

but we had people travelling from california, british columbia and like germany coming to toronto for TOque. so travelling is also a big part of it!

Is Ohio close enough?

The 2005 NAUCC doesn’t show up on News and Announcements yet.

Well, I plugged Urbana, IL and Columbus, Ohio into mapquest and it shows 294 miles. But I’m going to be in Rockford, IL this summer most likely, so that makes it 446. But it could be worth the trip. :slight_smile:

The midwest regionals is March 18-19, here in St. Paul, Minnesota. I’ll try to get more info on the website. you’re welcome to stay at my house if you come out.

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if you don’t mind riding around with other random guys, not so much an “event” per se, you could come over to Ames. we have a decent club, and we could make an event, like, a big campus/muni ride if we know you’re coming.

Some of us are meeting in Louisville area for camping/riding the first weekend in June. We’ll MUni and Trials and maybe Urban ride.

Check this thread

We expect talent from 6 hrs drive in any direction. (Including one from Chicago area)

Our earlier Rendezvous is Apr 29 in Huntsville Alabama, but thats a bit farther for you.

I plan on going to KY.
(me from Chicago :smiley: )

Nothing restricts this trip for me so far.

I can pick you up on the way.
(providing nothing derails my plans)

I may be able to do NAUCC. I need to nail down my plans for the summer for sure, but it’ll only be about a 5 hour drive from Rockford. The Twin Cities are also about 5 hours. Kentucky sounds alright too, though I don’t have a muni.

Thanks guys! You’ve given me some to think about.

You should try for NAUCC if you can. You will see the largest number of riders there, and the largest variety of riding at anything short of a Unicon. There is plenty to see and learn, and don’t forget to block off the Sunday after the convention for a day of MUni, which is still in the planning stages.