are there any local unicyclists in jax, fl

i live in jacksonville florida, its the biggest city in the US size wise not pop.
any way i cant find any unicyclists here i was wondering if there were any …if so reply so i dont feel like im going 2 be the only one…and if there are…do you know if there are any unicycle clubs here in jax…i hope there are


i guess there arnt any…bummer

i’m sure there are. try they may just be hard to find, i should talk to my cousin and get him to start uni ing then you would have someone to ride with.
also just ride alot then more unicyclists will pop up everywhere.


thanks…douse your cousin live in jax?..if so what part

yeah he does and i really dont know, he lives close to the beach and there is a school near him but other than that i dont really remember. i havnt seen him in a couple years so its been a while. but i wouldnt be surprised if he would take up uni ing if he saw it the way we do it. trials, freestyle etc.

how old are you? maybe over christmas break if youre around my age we could meet up.

i’ll be visiting st augustine in a week for a week. where do you live chosen? i like your videos.



im 14 but ive seen your videos…you are great…im just starting abit so iddunno …so yea im fourteen and i technically have a torker lx but i cant use it till christmas… …im a loser

not at all dude. still if youre ever around my area, or if im ever your way, id like to ride with ya. we’re all unicyclists.

i live in the panhandle, near eglin afb. i dont actually live on the base though, about a mile away. if youre passing through, i may be able to make arrangements to ride with ya if ya want man. thatd be cool.


Hey, I’m Kyle and live Jacksonville and I’ve been riding unicycles for about 1 1/2 now mostly trail riding at Hanna park and in Gainesville. My friend just started riding about a month ago but I’ve got him on the trails now too. If you want to ride with us let me know

I’d be willin to ride one day. I ususally ride at guana river state park…I thought hanna park was too sandy or something?

It gets a little sandy in some spots. But theres a place around Ocala called Santose( i think thats the name of it) suppose to be some really awesome stuff out there