Are there any 16" 48 Hole rims?

Title kinda says it all - are there any 16" rims around that have 48 holes? I’ve been searching but not found any. Sun does the Rhynolite rim in 16 x 1.75" size but I’m not sure what drillings it comes in…

im not sure about this, but I THINK that monty has a 16" rim, you might want to check that out

I don’t think you could fit that many spokes onto a 16 inch wheel safely. Maybe I’m wrong but I would think they would have to be placed too close together to work properly.

That would really suck to try to fit a spoke wrench in there.

It’s bad enough only doing half turns on a 20" wheel…

Yes Monty does have a wide 16" rim, but it is 28H. I might have to settle for an Alex X-101 16x1.5" 36H rim.

what are you doin with a 16" rim?

im guessing a 16inch trials uni?

Heh heh nothing yet - the rim I want doesn’t exist! :smiley:

While you are at it do you want some tires that don’t exist too? 700c tires stretched to fit cokers would be good.

16" trials uni’s would be AWESOME. If you had a good wheelset that wouldnt break and a nice 2.5 tire on there you would be able to jump to the moon!

If you take the tire off you can use a screwdriver to tighten the spoke nipples. It’s also a lot easier because you dont have to think sdrawkcab:p.

ya that would be awsome. Get some 80mm cranks :sunglasses: Do they make shorter cranks? I bet you could fit a 28 spoke rim to a 48 0r 36 spoke hub.

i have fitted a 48 hole rim to a 36 hole hub, but i don’t suggest doing it…it might be easier the other way arount too
… hmm
if you have 24 holes in one side of the hub and 18 holes in one side of the rim… you have 6 extra holes, so you skip every 4th hole…

Sounds slow and stupid looking to me.

trials don’t have to be fast!!

Just get wee itty bitty cranks then you could get some smooth rolling in for street:)

Well, if you’re not going to roll anywhere why not just screw the wheel and get a broken pogo stick?

Yes it is possible, but not easy. Also requires four different spoke lengths!

Look around for rhynolites or alex DM24’s, both are made in 16’’ but I can only seem to find 28h.