Are ther any unicyclists in Gorzow/Poland?

I’ll stay there till Thursday next week. I have to go to the university there and I have to write my Masterexam(in Germany it’s called “Diplom”), but I will take my unicycle with me and it would be a pleasure to ride one evening together with local unicyclists.

@zfreak220: Do you know any people there? Do you know something like a polish unicycle forum?

Hi there!
You have to specify which city/town do You exactly mean :wink:
there’s come town called Gorzów in southern Poland, near Dąbrowa Górnicza and Katowice, where You could find some freaks :slight_smile:
…and there’s also Gorzów Wielkopolski, much bigger than that mentioned earlier, which is some way between Poznań and Szczecin (north-west)

You also asked about a forum… there is and bigger one (also about juggling, fire show, etc.)
You can post in english, taht wouldn’t be a problem :slight_smile:

currently I live in Szczecin and I would be really glad if You could wisit me :slight_smile: and don’t bother about place to sleep :wink:
and if You’re from Berlin - it’s not far… it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours hitch-hiking :smiley:

Hey, I’ve got Monday off work, so I could take a ride to Gorzów (I believe it’s that one between Szczecin and Poznań)
unfortunately it’s the one and only time 'till Thursday, when we can meet - I’m going to Chocen, Czech Rep. this weekend, to have some fun during IV CMTW (see details:

I think some training before that Championships wouldn’t be a bad idea at all :wink:

Gorzów Wielkopolski

That would be awesome! :slight_smile:
So how to meet? I’ll send you my cellphone-number via PM.
(I’m not sure if I have an internetaccess there.)

Is 6p.m. okay for you? What would be a good place to meet for a little city-ride? Railway Station?

Hope to see you there!


edit: I’m leaving Berlin by motorcycle right now…

to be honest 6pm is quite late hour for me :wink:
if we want to play some time, and we shoult start it earlier :slight_smile:
I also believe that we should prevent dehydrating - and the best way to keep proper amount of liquid in organism is to drink a beer or two :smiley:

if You have whole Monday free of any duty it would be nice to meet in the afternoon… let’s keep in mind that we (both?) don’t know that city and finding good enough place to ride might take us some time…

…waiting for phone no. :wink: I’ll repost mine - we’ll be in touch