Are the new KH gloves any good?

Went to LBS and tried on gloves

I went to LBS to try on different manufactors biking gloves.

Tried on 661, no-names, etc.

Then I ordered my KH gloves from Darren Bedford.

20 cm. I wore mediums for a year, and then I won a pair of larges. I didn’t realize before I started wearing the larges that the mediums were a little too short for my fingers, which probably had something to do with why the holes developed in a couple of the finger tips. The larges feel just right. I measure 18.5 cm from the end of my wrist to the end of my middle finger.

My KH gloves are size L. My hand is 21.5cm around at the knuckles. I’ve got quite long fingers so I went for large and they fit me pretty well. They’re a bit baggy around the hand and wrist, so the splint part ends up quite a way from the middle of my wrist but it’s not really a problem - I’d rather have that than too-short fingers.

Presumably mine are the old kind (with cloth between the fingers) but I’ve had them well over a year now and had no problems with seams splitting. The cloth on the back is getting a bit fuzzy from being washed but that’s it.

I’ll probably buy another pair when these wear out - although a slightly stiffer splint and something on the underside of the wrist for “slide” protection would be nice. On the other hand, I think really solid wrist splints can be TOO stiff - I had a pair of wrist guards with solid splints and although the plastic “skid” on the underneath of the wrist was nice, the stiffness of the splint did seem to make me bend my fingers back more in minor falls because my wrists couldn’t flex, so perhaps a softer wrap is actually better in some cases.


7 inches (approx. 18 cm) around and almost 7 inches from tip of middle finger to wrist and I wear a size small almost perfectly.

my new kh gloves are coming apart at the seem where the palm pad is sewn in. I will sew it back with heavy thread. but it is a little disappointing cause the gloves have only seen a few rides. I am still thankful for the many quality products offered by kh including these gloves but thought I would share.:wink:

22 cm. Large fits fine. (My last pair was medium and they were a little too small).

I vote for even more durability in the material in future versions. I go through the fingers in about 3-4 months of trials and street riding. They wear out in multiple places - everywhere my hand contacts the handle.

That said - I wouldn’t wear anything else. I need a glove to save the skin on my fingers, and this is the best wrist protection I know of in a full-fingered glove.