Are the new KH gloves any good?

Last years Pulse Gloves weren’t able to last for more than a few rides before developing holes in the fingers. How good is the new version?

The new gloves got better fabric in the finger tips. they use pleather this time so they should last longer… might buy them for my next pair of glove tho im not sure if im keen on the wrist protection still eh

just buy fox full fingered gloves. I reckon that “unicycle specific” gloves are stupid. Fox gloves are way stronger and last longer.

do they? have you test the new kH? I think I’ll bye them…

That’s not true, i’ve had a few pairs of Fox gloves in my time, each not lasting longer than 3 months or so.

Is this direct personal experience? I’ve had pairs of both, and the Fox gloves definately do NOT last longer. I shredded a couple of sets on the first ride.

The only weakness I noticed in the first-run KH gloves were the fingertips, which may be fixed in the newer version. The wrist protection is minimal (it’s just a stiff wrap) when compared to separate plastic wrist guards.

Is this direct personal experience? I’ve had pairs of both, and the Fox gloves definately do NOT last longer. I shredded a couple of sets on the first ride.


I looked at the Fox wrist wrap gloves before designing the new KH gloves. Here are a few differences:

  1. Most bike gloves including Fox use 0.8mm synthetic leather because bike riders want it as thin as possible. I used 1mm synthetic leather which doesn’t seem like a big difference, but it’s actually noticeably more durable.

  2. Fox’s wrist wrap is mainly for supporting the wrist while holding onto bike handlebars on a downhill ride. It’s not supportive for falling. The KH gloves are not as supportive as actual rigid wristguards (so won’t prevent you from breaking your wrist in a really bad fall). But they are more supportive than the Fox gloves while still allowing some wrist flexibility.

  3. Fox is obsessed with seams. They have way to many seams in their gloves and the material between the fingers is lightweight and not durable. The new KH gloves have as few seams as possible because (as with last year’s KH gloves) the seams are the first things that wear out. I put synthetic leather betweeen the fingers and above the fingertips because it increases durability in these areas.

  4. Fox’s gloves don’t have any palm protection, because bike riders often don’t want any because it decreases sensitivity. The KH gloves have a removable gel pad, so you can take it out if you don’t want it, or add an additional sheet of plastic if you want more protection. The pad is not as protective as a plastic splint, but it is a LOT more comfortable.

Hope that helps. In my opinion unicyclists do have some unique requirements that bike gloves don’t supply.


Compared to last year’s gloves they also have cooler and more breathable fabric on the back of the glove.

I have the old(red) model. I really like them, except the fingertips on the right hand tore after two monhs of riding. That wouldn’t be so bad, only the reason I need gloves in the first place is to protect the nails on my right hand. I hope the new version is more durable. I’m probably gonna buy it. I really like the gloves I have now(except for the finger problem). Plus, then new gloves look even cooler.

KH Gloves for the win :smiley:

This is kinda off topic, but the gloves are described as having replaceable palm pads (at least for last years 05 model). However, I can’t figure out where to get replacement pads. What would be even cooler, though, is to put the new gel inserts in my old gloves in place of the old foam.

Can I get just the gel inserts?

I tried a pair on and they were a noticably nicer fit to the hand. The fingers especially are stitched to match finger shape better. I haven’t ridden with them yet as I’ve been too busy running UDC NZ to ride :frowning:

We will bring some of the new gloves to the NZUni weekend if you want to check them out.

Would you reccomend these

Would you trials/street unicyclists recommend kh pulse gloves for me. I would like them to last a long time. oh yer and im 12 almost 13 what size would i order? small medium large larger?

Yes, i would recommend them for you - i love mine and wouldnt change them for any other glove!
I am 22 and have medium, so i would suggest you get small;)

KH Gloves - Are the Best!

I have been riding with a pair of the 2005 red KH gloves and they are great! So much more durable than the Troy Lee Design that I had before! I feel that for a decent price you are getting a very good glove. I would only buy the KH golves.


KH Grey gloves Oct - Feb

I’ve worn my grey KH gloves Oct 2007 thru Feb 2008.

My fingers get cold around the finger tips but after a few mins of riding in the snow they warm up.

On cold windy days with wind chill my fingers get cold again. They probably weren’t intended for winter conditions but still do the job. I prefer them to standard winter gloves because I can grab my handle easily and have some wrist protection in the event of an UPD.

My gloves are holding up well, no tears, rips, seams coming loose. They are part of my daily equipment list (helmet, gloves, reflective riding attire, lights).

Knocking on wood, no bad UPD’s but I feel prepared in the event I do.

The size that fits your hand.

Unfortunately, a sizing chart is nowhere to be found, after a brief search.

Most sites give you a measurement or two (such as around your hand, or from wrist to fingertips) that would indicate which size is right for you. Neither UDC nor KH’s site has such a chart.

What’s up with that?

I don’t know why there hasn’t been a sizing Chart, Maybe Kris could supply one in this thread, I made a thread last year asking about sizing on the KH gloves but got only one reply that had nothing to do with my question. it seems that either no one knows, or no one wants to talk about it.

Maybe start a thread about glove fit

To give folks a chance to whine about buying poor fitting gloves. Or PM Kris. I bet he has never given much thought to how a simple chart might improve customer confidence, sales etc. It doesn’t sound like a hard idea to implement. If he didn’t want to get customer feedback, I bet he wouldn’t bother to participate on the forum.:slight_smile:

Ha Ha.

One of the hard things about a sizing chart is that it’s not just the hand circumference- it’s the length of the fingers too. So up to now I’ve just recommended that people try on any pair of DH full finger gloves and pick the size of KH gloves based on that.

What about this. It would be really helpful if some of you could measure your hand circumference, and post here what size of glove you wear.

Measure your hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand (e.g. just below your fingers). Measure your dominant hand - the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed.

My guess is that we will see some interesting variations on what size of hand fits into what size of glove =).

Thanks for any help on this.