Are the lower priced Torker's any good?


Are the Torker LX CX and AX I see on ebay for around 60 dollars any good for beginning? I want to get into street and casual off road before investing in a heavy duty uni.


Both the AX and LX are great unicycles for the money, however I wouldn’t recommend the CX.

I have a CX that I’ve been riding for two years (I’ve never ridden anything else so I can’t really compare it fairly) and it held up fine for basic transportation, but I started getting serious a few months ago with some basic street and I’m on my third set of cranks since then. The stock seat is horrendusly uncomfortable for long rides but I picked up a KH saddle and haven’t looked back.

An AX for $60?
Are you sure?

Yeah, a little more than $60, hehe :slight_smile: I was looking at some of the low-end CX.

I think this is going to be my first unicycle. What do you think?

Ok… an LX at $80 dollars I can perhaps understand. :slight_smile:

I just bought one through my local LBS to use as a loaner uni (fortunately my older son adopted it immediately) so I’ll probably be in the market for another one several months down the road. Anyway the LX I purchased cost me $120 not including tax.

Your $80 one on ebay with its $25 shipping and handling brings you to $105 dollars.

Yet for $15 more I got the bike shop to cut the post. And also will be able to take it back there for maintenance. I asked all the questions I wanted. Was show a new custom made impossible wheel built there, a KH uni etc etc… I also was able to meet SEVERAL area unicyclists in the shop. I look forward to rides that are going to be coordinated through the shop. I don’t know what charges for the LX but I think buying from your LBS makes more sense. I might pay a couple of dollars more for what I buy but in the end I get so much more for my buck.

Oh, as far as the LX goes I think it would be a nice beginner uni that you could use as a loaner when you look into getting something more heavy duty.

yea they are great uni’s you’ll love getting one. I have a friend who I taught to uni, he bought an LX, still has it, great uni, you can do street stuff on them too.

Low end torkers are fine

For learning to ride. I have read that the cx seat isn’t as good as the lx. You can always buy a nice seat later.
If you plan to ride around town, not just in your yard, consider getting a 24".
They are easy to ride and much much faster.:slight_smile:

I have a KH 24 and last week bought the Torker LX 20" for my husband to learn on. he hasn’t tried it yet, but i can be found every night learning new moves and chasing the dog around the living room on the LX. Perfect uni for the price, but the seat is totally harsh for distance.

I have a Torker LX and its lasting… for a beginner i would definately reccomend it. i got it for $95… but nevertheless, its supportive, and it is good for freestyle.

I saw a 20" CX in a shop today and took it for a few meter spin.

The 20" LX right next to it was only $20 more. It is beyond me why anyone would buy that ugly really cheap looking CX with it’s uncomfortable seat and equally ugly tire instead of spending a little more on the LX.

My friend just bought exactly the same thing that you are looking at. I think it is a great beginner uni, much better then the uni I learned on.:slight_smile:

Not that I want to go against everyone’s opinion, but myself I have a 24LX an I am now rather disappointed. I bought it in June of this year and when I got it I knew I just HAD to change the tire (went from 1.95 to 2.35). I had to upgrade the saddle because it was really uncomfortable (made the upgrade myself to buff it up with another saddle I had). Also, I twisted the cranks dropping a small 1 ft drop.
Overall, a not so bad learning unicycle but not anything else for me.

Its a great uni for what it is meant for learning freestyle i only read a couple of these post so sorry but i would get a 20" lx to learn on and then once you have the basics upgrade to a trials or muni and you have a freestyle/loner uni

Lx for sure

I’ve ridden both and think that the lx is the better of the two. I had a cx and didn’t want to ride over a mile on it due to the uncomfortable seat. I also bent the rim on my cx but for learning you shouldn’t be jumping off random table so your ok. The lx is not the most impressive seat I have been on but it is much better than the cx. Also the lx has 48 spokes instead of 36. Go for the lx. I always recommend a lx 24" to anyone who asks what is the best learner uni. Also the lx has a handle for learning hops which is nice because I tore a few fingernails off grabbing under my cx seat. That and the tire goes up to 65 psi on the lx tire rather than 40 on the cx. Cheap learner unicycle… Get the lx. Hope this helps.

Umm… I think you guys are about 5 months too late to keep recommending unis to this guy…

there are always new riders and these reviews may be helpful to them. Don’t be to quick to say that this information is useless.

So true. Like me.

What I don’t like about Torker

They have a rip off policy on parts. The bearings on Torkers are a unique size, that can be found only at a uni shop, for 30 $/ pair. ISIS bearings are also a unique size, 22x42, but sold for a fairish price of 16 $/pair. The generic 20x42 size, used on 05 KH, and many other unis, can be bought online for 4 $/ pair.

It’s not likely you will need new bearings, especially if you leave them alone. I just don’t like the idea of charging kids a rip off price for a simple part on a cheap uni. It is a deliberate, calculated rip off. Buy the bearing from them, or throw the uni away ! :frowning:

I think an excellent beginner set up is this

They don’t charge for shipping, so that makes this a real bargain. Put a KH seat on it, and you’re good. Buy another uni later if you want to hop around.
There is no advantage to using an expensive uni to learn on. Skinny tires are actually a little easier to handle.

i think any uni is good to learn on. if you live by a bike shop near you… maybe 25 or 30 miles away, go there and ask them to order you a 20’’ sun or 20 LX because i have very bad experiences with ax, I.E. the frame being so weak it breaks.