Are summit's good?

I know Summit’s are good, but just how good? If you know anything about them could you tell me I may have an oppurtunity to but one, But I’m not sure if they’re that good.

Tell me pro’s and con’s, and how they compare in the trials world.


Dollar for dollar it is about as good as it gets. I would say it is pretty industructable, of course I am not 13 anymore. I probably could have destroyed it back then. Just like pretty much everything else I had.

Go here for more opinions.

I would say an 8/10 is pretty good.

Summit is the same as the KH20 except for the frame.
The cranks are the same, the hub is the same. And you don’t break frames often. I got my Summit for $200 on Ebay. KH are $400. I think I got an incredible deal.

The summit frame is a little bit heavier though. I wouldn’t hesitate to get it for a trials.

That’s good. I’m not thirteen anymore either. I’m 15 :D. But anyway, do you have one? If so where’d you get it? I’ve heard you get them at LBS’s but mine kinda sucks, so if anybody else’s LBS has one could they give me the number.


Ps. I’m keeping an eye on ebay too.

Sorry Rayden. I was typing as you posted. Has yours held up?

It looks like a great deal.


i got a summit frame… its the badgers nadgers… bit heavy tho

Are the badgers-nadgers good or bad. Sorry.


It came with a Viscount seat which I like for comfort but no handle so I haven’t done much heavy trials. Waiting to get the next gen KH i think.

It has held up for me. That’s not saying much. To get any stronger you would have to get either a KH20 (which is probably debatable if its any stronger) or a Profile hub and cranks. Those are a lot more.

I think its safe to say that the Summit is the STRONGEST hub and cranks for less than $400. I got mine on ebay. I don’t think you can get them anywhere else. If you do buy it.

badgers nadgers… dogs bollox… good mate… very good… come to think of it, british slang is a bit bollox isnt it?

They were orginially a prototype of the KH, which KH rejected, but his Taiwan manufacturer got antsy and began producing them anyway. There’s only 400 in existence. That’s what their description on said anyways. They’ve since been all sold out, but now and then one does surface on ebay or in an LBS.

Like other’s said, it’s the same exact wheelset as the KH, but apparently built poorly. The two members of HoW that have summits both make squishy clicky noises from the loose spokes. This isn’t really a big deal if you know how to true wheels, or don’t mind spending $20 to have an LBS do it for you.

Also, the first ones came with viscount seats, then put on KH seats to get them all sold.

They’re out there, happy searching. If it’s $300 or less, I’d get it. If they try to sell it to you for more than that, might as well get an Onza or KH.

Wow that’s really interesting. I think I may of found one or two, and I think I’ll go with em. The only problem is both are in your crazy American Dollars, but I’ll just have to sacrifice food for a short while.


You’re question confused me a while, since is a Summit to.


Interestingly enough, I haven’t had this problem. I bought a Summit at about the same time a friend got a KH. The Summit does make some noise (small ‘tink’ sounds from the spokes), but the KH is much louder. You can hear it coming a ways down the street.

Both are excellent unis, and handle abuse well. The Summit frame is a smidge heavier than the KH, but it makes almost no difference to me. Definately a good deal.

There’s a Summit on eBay right now.

The seller claims it’s a DiamondBack but the pictures would suggest otherwise.

I’m tempted to bid on it but I’ve already got one and, although I like mine, I don’t need another.


That’s not a good way to differentiate or compare the Summit and KH. It’s a wheel build issue and will be an issue with any trials unicycle that doesn’t have a carefully hand built wheel.

From the factory, both the KH and the Summit don’t have a stellar wheel build. The solution is to take the new wheel to a good bike shop that knows how to build wheels. Have them add more tension to all of the spokes. After that the wheel should be all good, the spokes shouldn’t creak or tink, and the spokes should all stay tight.

Most (almost all) unicycles come with rather poor wheel builds. The exception are custom unicycles with carefully hand built wheels. Any unicycle wheel that is going to be abused be it a muni, trials uni, freestyle uni, or street uni, should have the wheel tensioned up before you start abusing it.

J. C.
That’s good to here because my LBS would be able to do that, and so far that was the only problem I was hearing. Also, I had looked at that one on e-bay but there is just something about it that doesn’t feel right to me. I may look in to it more but I still don’t know.


Is this a one of the ‘carefully hand built wheels’ you’re talking about:

It says: Wheelbuilding services by Kovachi Wheels (

I’m hoping it’s hand built well if it’s by them.

disagree unless you add

… in case this wheel is asembled of a wrong combination of parts.

Could it be the lack of pedals? I agree that one looks a little sketchy.

Yeah I noticed the pedals, plus the site (if you’d call it that) doesn’t look very professional. Also why would they call it a diamondback if it was a summit? Finally I think the crown looks a little different too, but I’m not sure.