Are square tapers all the same for unicycles?

This page mentions that not all square taper interfaces are interchangeable. That’s for bikes, of course. Does this problem exist also with unicycle hubs? I’ve seen nothing else on the subject. Can I just order some Torker cranks and have them fit on my UDC CrMo hub? Would one reasonably expect the cranks I take off of that (they came stock on my Trainer) to fit on the cheap hub on my Balance uni or any other random square tapered hub?

I’ve swapped different brands of square taper cranks all over the place. In my experience torker cranks work on UDC hubs, but ymmv…

Square tapers aren’t all 100% the same, but I’ve never had a problem installing any square taper crank on any square taper hub. If you’re not trying to run crank-mounted disc brakes (where the alignment matters) you’re probably fine.

For all practical purposes you don’t need to worry about this. To the best of my knowledge all square taper uni hubs use the JIS standard. Even if you decided, for some reason, to put old TA bike cranks on your uni you’d be fine. The taper is the same as ISO, it’s just a little shorter. So the TA cranks wouldn’t press on as far.

Thanks. Cranks ordered.