Are smaller unicycles better on hips?

I’ve been having hip problems. It’s not bursitis but called an ileo-tibial tenditis. I believe this may have worsened when I started riding a 29 inch but I’m not sure. I used to ride a 24 inch. There’s more torque and going up hills (which I enjoy) may have aggravated it more. I’m not sure if the 29 inch really made any difference compared to the 24 inch. Does anyone have any experience with this?

You need to rest it or you will cause a long term problem.

Unicycing builds up leg muscles and this can result in tightness. The bigger the wheel the more you are going to build up and the tightness worsens. Stretches are really important.
This article has some great information and gives several details about the underlying physical causes and suggests treatments.

Riding toe-in stood out as one that would be easy to recognise. Maybe you should consult a good osteopath or sports physiotherapist especially on who works with cyclists.


Thanks very much for the suggestions and the link to the article. That’s a great article!!

AFAIK Riding 1km, 10km or any distance the 29’er will need less pedal rotations, but the 24 will ride the distance in a lower gear.
Compared to a bike tho, they’re both pretty low geared:)

Hallo Morty,

You might consider buying the “Zero” saddle. It is much narrower and in my experience, doesn’t push the legs out of true with the hip sockets.

Also adjust your seat angle so that it’s not throwing your hips too far forward etc.

If your suffering with pain then stop or alter what you are doing until you have no pain. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :smiley:


Thank you. How would you adjust the seat? So it tilts down a bit? Or up? I’ll take a look at the zero saddle. I just checked it out on Looks interesting. I have a KH Street. I didn’t think that it forced my hips out. Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll think about it. Right now I’m stretching and avoiding hills.

I suffered from ITB syndrome and it disappeared when I lowered the seat height enough so that my legs are never flexed less than about 30 degrees.

As soon as I increase the seat height the issue comes back.

I set the same seat->low pedal distance on all my unicycles (except the trial 19er where the seat is even lower) and it’s ok.

In my case I have to set the seat in a muni mode.
When I ride with other unicyclists in Paris streets, I see how much higher their seats are compared to mine.
The typical setting (the leg almost straight when the pedal is at the low position) is what triggered my ITB pains.

Hope it will help you