are rails hard?

sounds like a dumb question, but im determined to grind a handrail. i cant hop quite high enough so i might jump off a crate or something. but i was just wondering, are rails really that hard, and how many of you can do them?

my first handrail was a 5 set, the set up was perfect, and the rail was sweet too, so i nailed it on my first shot i think. i dont think theyre that hard, you just have to try hard enough. if you think you can do, you probably can.

no not to bad. just kinda sacry at first. haha my first was a 5 set to. havnt done anything bigger yet. but ill hit up some bigger ones soon

Rails are easy, working up the courage to try, can be hard lol. Going for it is the hardest part. My first was a 4 set…the most I have done is 2 different 8 sets. How big of a set are you going for, you got a specific rail in mind? Does it have a kink?


How do you guys lean forward enough to do a rail on a stair set. I can do rails on flat fine but If I try a sloped one even just a little bit I can’t do it.

I’ve been wondering bout this myself lately. Ledges and stuff seem ok as grinding pedal and crank seems much more solid and easy but all rail grinds seem to be done just on pedal and I find that really hard to keep balance on.
There is a round sloped rail at the local skatepark and I find it quite scary to commit to the grind but also when I at least try it is very hard to keep balance on just the pedal.

most rails are hard… I mean a soft rail is likely to bend…:smiley:
rails are hard to hit.

i knew someone would say that^
and no particular rail and no kink.

To start, try and find a lower rail, so its easier to jump on. If you can commit and just get on the rail, then you should land it. (hopefully)


a nice ole 5 set isnt really that hard at all man, The Beauty of it is you dont really have to hop hw high the rail is, you can hop outward a lil bit when the rail isnt as high, also gives you a good deal of momentum for the grind.,Just be ready to bail bro. Ohh and my first rail was a pussy lil 3 set, It was actually harder than any other rail I have done cause You had to jump straight up so high to get any grind out of it…

I disagree.

Share your words of wisdom then…

'tis rather obvious, just throw yourself at any old rail and chances are you’ll hit it…

Is this supposed to be funny?

Yes. And it serves its multitple purposes very well.