are pulse wrist support gloves good?

hi people
i was wondering if any one knew if the KH pulse wrist support gloves are any good?
i have found some for 35 AUS on unicycle .com
are they good or do u know any other gloves that are good?


Yes, they are great - i ride with these and love them.
Oh, also, there was another thread on these not long ago…
But dont worry, i wont tell you to search;)

Yes, wonderful gloves, though they make the hands a little hot. Definitely worth it though, for muni.

make sure you get the new ones, the grey and blacks.

i like them. but then there the only gloves I’ve ever tried.

I have a pair and I realy like them. In my opinion the gell pads in the palms are a bit soft but they are desighned so you can add a chunk of plastic to put ontop of the gell pad if you want.

They are comfortable and in my opinion give just the right amount of wrist mobility.

How hot is it where you live?

Gloves may be great in a cool place. You might want to consider open wrist wraps for the summer. I find my fingers naturally bend up when I palm plant, so the protection works as well as gloves.

Whilst I (thankfully) haven’t needed to test the wrist support, I find it a a comfortable compromise between flexibility and protection - The hard splint of inline-hockey style wrist guards are uncomfortable when using the handle a lot, and terrible when riding seat-in-front.

The Pulse are great gloves. I cut a piece of plastic from an icecream tub and slipped it into the gel pad. Its adds a lot of protection. They are warm in summer, but wouldn’t trade them for less protection.

Oh, I use the newer (grey) gloves.

I’ve got a pair of the older red/black ones. Had them for 18months. Nice and comfortable but a bit hot. Still wouldn’t take them off though as they seem to be pretty good at protection from general scrapes and provide some wrist support. Did dislocate a finger with them on but this would have happened with any glove. A friend of mine has the newer grey/black ones which seem to be a bit better - reinforced finger tips (mine are coming apart), more breathable mesh on the back of the hand, ?softer leather…


I have new grey KH gloves, but wrist support didn’t feel to support my wrist and it took “long” time to wear those gloves and whole thing didn’t feel very comfortable to me. So I took those things off and here’s the results:



I rode for a long time without gloves. Then one day, as odds would have it, I took a small rock to the palm. I have now owned the new gray ones for about 6 months. They are Great, I have not tested the wrist protection but they fit into my seat handle nicely, I can work my brake with no problem, great traction. I live where it is HOT and they were fine I never felt like I had hot hands. They are a little smelly here at the end of summer. I guess long story short, I would highly recommend them.