Are new KH seats stronger?

I have been using a KH seat for about 4 months and it is very flexy. I was wondering if i should get a new seat or get a cf seatbase. Does anybody know if the new fusion kh seats have a stronger seatbase? Should I get a whole new seat or should I just get a carbon fiber seatbase and a new cover?


The new KH seats are much stronger, but slightly heavier. Don’t worry, a new Kh fusion seat will last you fine. Kris has been using his since moab without any increase in flex.

The fusion seatcover should make a KH carbon seat transplant much easier. The main problem with transplanting the old seat/foam onto the Carbon base was getting it to stick. Of course a lot of other riders prefer using an airseat on a carbon base :roll_eyes:

I’ve not tried the new KH seats, so I can’t compare but there is absolutely no flex at all on the carbon base- great when pulling up on the saddle.