Are my Wellgo B-37s bent?

I have only had my Wellgo B-37 pedals for about 6 months. I don’t even ride that often. I was reinstalling them after getting some new Kooka Cranks and as I was threading the pedal on, the spindle seemed to oscilate up and down. Could this be a sign that they are bent?
If I spin the pedal and look at the end of the bearing cap through the hole in the end of the pedal, the outside seems to not move concentrically around the bearing cap. Both pedals did this.

I recently dropped the MUni off a 20" drop about a dozen times. Maybe that did it.

So, for my first ride on the Kookas and new hub,
I replaced the B-37s with my old sealed bearing Snafus. Once on the trail, I noticed that the Snafus gave a more stable platform. The Snafus have a wider platform. So the extra stability either came from the wider base and or the Snafus are still straight.

from your excellent description i’d say they are bent.

You could take the platform off the spindle and then roll the spindle on a flat table. Rolling the spindle on a table should make it more obvious if the spindle is bent. I doubt that the spindle is bent.

It is possible that the bearings are crushed rather than the spindle being bent. When you take the platform off the spindle check the cartridge bearings to see if they are still in good shape. You can spin the bearings in your fingers and see if the inner race or outer race has a lot of play. If you have actually crushed one of the ball bearings in the cartridge bearing there will be obvious play in the bearing races and distortions in the metal shields.

Another possibility (and most likely possibility) is that the end cap (the part that tightens the platform on the spindle) is loose. A loose end cap will cause excessive play in the pedal. A little grease on the threads of the end cap will make it easier to get the end cap snug. Be careful that you don’t over tighten the end cap. If you get too forceful you can round out the allen key hole in the end cap.

You can get replacement bearings from Boca Bearings
The bearings should be 686ZZ (you’ll want to double check)
13mm OD
6mm ID
5mm wide

I have the Snafu pedals on my trials uni. They’re good pedals for a trials uni, but I wouldn’t like them on a muni. The Snafu’s are too thick and blocky which means that they don’t flip over automagically when you step on them. Pedals like the B-37’s are better for muni because they have more of an offset parallelogram design than blocky pedals like the Snafus. The offset parallelogram design flips the pedal right side up when you step on it not matter how the pedal is oriented.

killing pedals…

I bought some Kona Jackshit pedals for my Trials uni while it was getting its hub put in.

When I got it back, I put the pedals on, and off I went.

At first, the pedals were really tight, and hard to move. After a while, they seem ok.

I was jumping around, and was testing out my new hub and cranks, and jumped off this 3/4ft wall. After that, I noticed that the right pedal was moving extensively from left to right. It was really loose.

The next day I took them back to the shop, and the guy said that I had broken the bearing case (or something) inside of it.
I thought that at least a £20 Kona pedal would have lasted longer.

Anyways, the guy was really good about it, and replaced the pair. I have now put them on my MUni, as I don’t do such big drops, and put my metal pedals from my MUni on my Trials.


EDIT: Were it says J20, it should be a pound sign. I dont know way I wont work! :thinking: