are Miyata Skycycles weak?

i read in this thread

that Miyata giraffes may be weaker than most.has anyone had any problems with theirs?

I don’t know, but there’s an old one on ebay right now.


wow, that one’s really old, it’s got the old style seat that only has a front bumper…

thats nice but without a credit card (i choose not to have those chains of debt) i cant get an account.

it looks nice though,maybe i’ll e-mail the seller…?

what a load of horse bleep! i cant even ask the seller a question unless im a registared member and therefor giving a credit card number.

i want that uni! its just south of me in Cali too. :angry:

If you look towards the bottom under payment instructions it gives the seller’s email address.


thanx Nikki,

i know its a shot in the dark but i plead my case to their in box :slight_smile: