Are Miyata Saddles Any Good?

I think I’ve seen some top unicyclists using a saddle this colour in videos.

Apart from looking henus is it any good?

if u buy it you would have to change your seat post
a wierd Miyata one.

The only reason you’ve seen it in alot of videos is because thats what everyone used before the Kris Holm/Velo saddle was available, some still ride them as a preference thing, but miyata handles wear out fast and SH no longer makes the Kinport ones.

Stupid finger breaking hole… ah, I was just praising duct tape in a conversation on AIM.

The Miyata saddle is a fine saddle to do convestions to - but it’s hard to find parts for it. For hard riding it pretty much requires a GB4 stiffener plate - which aren’t being made anymore - and a handle upgrade (maybe a reeder.) They are good to make airseats out of but I’m not sure if you can find gemcrest/roach covers for them anymore or a dogbone pillow. Also, strong seatpost are hard to find for them due to their different bolt pattern - as are rail adaptors. I think the LX seatpost if the only one on the market right now since the GB4 universal isn’t being made anymore - and the lx seapost is weaksauce.

I would not recommend going with a miyata now. They are good seats but they are becoming less and less easy to find compatible parts for. You can do all the same conversions and upgrades to a KH fusion without worrying about finding parts.