are KH cranks worth it?

i recently broke my nimbus trials stock cranks (qu-ax ISIS) and i’m about to order some KH’s, before i order, i just want to know if they are all worth it and if you would recommend them.

They are one of the strongest cranks on the market.
They are definitaly worth it.

A bit heavy… but good luck breaking them. (they aren’t THAT heavy, just a bit;) )

You may want to also consider chro-mo Qu-Ax ISIS cranks. (lighter and a bit more Q-factor than Moments)

UDC US (it says 125 & 150mm but I think it’s supposed to say 145mm.

They definately are the best cranks around. They are really strong, come in lots of sizes. Can get double hole versions for two sizes etc.

Has anyone usedThese
They are more exspensive than KH moment cranks.
Any light on this?

Good if you like more Q-factor (like me), but not as strong as Moments. Danni has a pair and likes them.

If you get these, don’t do lots of big drops. (If you land forwards and roll out it’ll put less stress on them and everything else.)

Unless your about 180-200+ lbs I doubt you’ll actually break something like that. :roll_eyes:

I don’t suppose anyone could exsplain what Q-Factor is? thanks.

What brand is ONZA anyway?

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Q-Factor is an outward angle that some cranks have. It gets your feet farther from the wheel.

ONZA is a british biketrials company.

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Renegade lists the per-pair weight of their cranks

The regualar K1 Isis alloy cranks 125mm = 550gr/pair

Moment Lengths and (Weight/pair): 125 mm (560 g), 137 mm (612 g), 150 mm (664 g), 165 mm (682 g)

Pretty negligible difference.

Until you start bringing in the weight of CrMO cranks.

KH Moments
125mm (560g)
137mm (612g)
150mm (664g)
165mm (682g)

Qu-Ax ISIS chro-mo
100mm (430g)
125mm (470g)
145mm (510g)

Well I was comparing the koxx alum. with the moment alum. Same basic weight for the same size cranks. But I would bet the moments are stronger.

Just curious as to where you found the weights for the qu-ax isis chromo? Udc shows the cranks, but not the weights:

I Think??

{EDIT} those Are alum

No chromo there that I could see.

has anyone ever broken a pair??

no, the only problem with them is the pedal inserts. they like to come loose after a few months…
if you don’t believe me… watch this
all of that is on KH cranks


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