Are here any unicyclists from Bend/Oregon?


a friend of mine will stay there for a year from september.
She’s relative new to unicycling but she is motivated and learning quick.
She would be very glad to meet some friendly people for practising together.
I think all styles are welcome.

If you are from Bend or somewhere else in Oregon please leave comment or send me a PM.


p.s.: Sorry for my english.

Acording to the map, the closest is in Eurgene.

Everyone should be on the map!

Okay… Which map? :thinking:
A link would maybe helpful.

The link is right at the top of the page: Home, allery, Forums, Webmail, Links, MAP, Donate…

Im in Spokane, WA, so Bend is about 7 hours away from me. Seeing how she’ll be there for a year, I should find time to make a trip there. :slight_smile:

Who :thinking: Your GF? Sister? Please clarify.

I live in North Bend Oregon! :angry:

lol i wish someone else unicycled around here… :frowning:
Does anyone live around North Bend oregon?

North bend is on the coast by Coos Bay

I was talking about the OP’s friend who will be living in Bend, OR for a year.


thanks for all responses.
I’m afraid the map is not up to date.

@skilewis74: You are right. I found my house in the map easily, but I’m obviously to stupid to set a marking… :o

@NKahler: At the first moment I thought: “Cool!”, but it was sad to find out the truth that you live at the other end of Oregon… :frowning:

@Jerrick: In 7 hours I can ride by motorcycle all over germany from one sight to the other… :slight_smile:

I’m a Bend, Oregon resident and beginner unicyclist. I’ve not met any unicyclists here, but I know there are a number of them, some pretty good ones too. Your friend will surely meet up with some if she checks at the bike shops.

Everyone should be on the map!

The instructions could be a lot better…

How about :

  1. Determine the latitude and longitude of your address here…
    write down the decimal value for the location :
  1. Click the “Map” link on the home page

  2. Click the “Your Entry” button.

  3. Enter the longitude and latitude into the form. Make sure your ID is in the field tag.

  4. That should be it.


Ya, I dont understand, Bend Is more north than NORTH Bend :thinking:

I grew up spending almost every weekend in the winter in Bend, skiing at Mt. Bachelor. It was a sleepy little town then; now, it’s a pretty big town. It’s beautiful, and has some of the best trails anywhere for mountain biking and muni. I hope your friend has a desire to go off road–she’ll have a blast there!

Bend, OR


I’m in Bend (and fairly new myself).

Is your friend still looking for riding buddies?


I’m in Ashland, Oregon, which is about a 3 & 1/2 hour drive South/Southwest from Bend. I’m on the map.
I ride mostly distance (on and off road) and muni.


Thanks, but she’s back home since 2008. :slight_smile:

Silly us for not checking dates.

We are looking to do the “California” MUni Weekend in Bend next year. Still trying to figure out a good name for the event now that we’ve opened it up to the whole general coastal area from Whistler BC down to Mexico… :slight_smile:

Left-coast Muni weekend? :slight_smile: