Are fidget toys bad for you ?

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I’m not sure where to put this post as it covers at least 3 threads. :roll_eyes:

I got distracted this morning looking at you tube. I was watching the video where Sheldon Cooper has a go at unicycling, and you know how you end up clicking on the ‘other videos’ on the right hand side…this led to one video after another…2 cups of tea later…
Well I was then looking at finger fidget twizlers…I never knew such things existed till this morning. This led me this video…

Here, the guy explains that fidget toys can actually be an aid to learning etc, etc.
The best bit is at just before 10 mins along…
I think I like these guys :slight_smile:

These guys mention a unicycle in a positive way :slight_smile: That’s great !

So, that leads me to ask…has anyone got a finger fidget toy and for those of us who hang out in the “Learning Journal” thread, do you think this would help concentration. Obviously not while unicycling down a mountain :roll_eyes: , but just riding on a smooth path and trying to keep upright etc.
I’m tempted to get one and try it out as my best riding seems to be the times when I forget I am on my unicycle , If you see what I mean.

Alucard :slight_smile:

They are popular among the 4th grade boys in my school district. So far I have not seen any clever tricks. The most amusing thing about the toy is the excuses kids give for holding them in the first place…marketing propaganda about how the toy keeps them focused.

I agree that kids need to be doing something. Teachers need to keep the kids busy with some physical activity (writing for example), not lecturing them while putting toys in their hands.

The marketers of twitch toys are correct about the problem, but wrong about the solution.

Based on my experience as an 8th grader, they DO NOT HELP LEARNING. They are just a distraction to both the kids using these fidget toys, and for everyone else in the classroom. It seems to me that kids say that fidget toys help them are just wanting a toy to distract them in the classroom. That’s my 2¢.

Using them while unicycling, especially while learning to ride would be ridiculously ineffective. It’s like how when you’re learning to ride and you hear someone say your name, then you promptly lose concentration and fall off. Trying adding all that to another distraction, and you have someone whose extremely frustrated playing with a fidget toy next to the wall/rail.

Some video time stamps (paraphrasing):
2:40 - extra motor input which is mildly stimulating helps to keep the person focused
• Except that there is already muscle input constantly changing from almost the entire body, making a distraction that involves muscle movement just a distraction
5:29 - connection between working with your hands and increased learning
• Ignoring that the fidget toys aren’t actually connected to the task being done, all you are going to remember more of is playing with the toy, rather than what you are trying to learn, based on their claim. The muscles used fidgeting are not connected to the task.


As a teacher they do not help learning… I had a fidget toy explode in my classroom and 4 kids crawling the floor looking for the bearings! I didn’t help the learning in the lesson.

Power balls are much more fun…

To play devil’s advocate, isn’t that like saying unicycles are no good for commuting because I once got a flat tyre and was late for work?

Every once in a while I wish for a riding crop or something.

Is that a mosquito on my leg?

No, too much breeze.

But it’s evening by the river, and it feels like something is biting my leg.

Nope, not plausible, would be pointless to dismount and brush at it.

But it feels like!


But what if it was being blown by the breeze, I ran into it, and it decided to chow down?

Nope, not realistic and I’m on the 36er in the section where remounting is hard.

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er, allright, guess there’s a remount in my future.

You found out about them before me…

Yes! Nothing like one nerd saying to the other nerd "Look at the cool guy with the unicycle! :slight_smile:
Methinks his bearings are too tight (but at least it’s a real unicycle).

On a unicycle? Absolutely not. The unicycle itself is acting as the fidget toy. If your mind isn’t occupied enough, I suggest texting. :smiley:

I have several fidget toys on my desk at work, which mostly get used when I’m on the phone or reading. I have a small allen key, a bent-up paper clip, rubber bands, boogers, pens and a cellphone battery that’s swollen up like a pillow.

People are always leaving random stuff on my desk, because I’m the guy who’s supposed to fix everything technological. I have a small collection of broken cellphones, hard drives, etc., and a separate collection of old, retired Apple products, like a turquoise laptop, a second-generation iMac with the monitor on a stick, etc.

From the YouTube video, I didn’t get the impression they were talking about kids in school, though they are probably the majority of the market. I was thinking in terms of people at work. If I were a classroom teacher I’d probably forbid them from the classroom, with the possible exception of someone that seemed to get focus from them without distracting others.

Ha! I remember that! It was so long ago I forgot there was such a time.

Funny! And so true. I moved away from most mosquitos in 1984, but I still remember them well! They were a great aid in keeping us moving once the sun started to go down…

Yes! When they are spinning they also sound like the gas taps are on in my classroom!