Are either of these uni's yours?? (Stolen?)

Please check the first 3 photos here:

I received an email from someone looking to sell 2 “Kris Holm” unicycles. The person seems to know nothing about unicycles. So I asked for pics and I got these. The pics have embedded gps info, by the way. The photos were taken near San Angelo, TX. The email says he is coming to Austin for the Holiday.

So do you recognize these? I know this could be legit, but I’m suspicious.


This is a troll/shill thread - the guy is called txunicycle on flickr and has 3 years worth of unicycle, juggling, or cow related pics. Bit elaborate for a stolen unicycle scam, no?

In fact, is this you, onefiftyfour?

I know the OP (Eric), he’s the contact for the local unicycling club here in Austin. Eric sent the same pics through our club mailing list. So it’s not a troll/shill/whatever. He just goes by different nicknames here and on his web site. He’s just trying to see if anyone recognizes the unicycles as ones they used to own, that’s all.

The red one looks to be a Profile and Yuni (?) frame, not a KH.

Mea Culpa

Ah, OK, onefiftyfour simply slung the pics up on the their Flickr to share them.

Sorry, I was little tired when I posted, I should have twigged. Apols.

Yep…they’re mine!

These two unis were stolen from me in April of 2012. One of them is a Bedford I bought in 2006 after meeting Darren at the 2006 NAUCC. The other is a KH I bought from UDC. I custom ordered the white powder coat at the 2008 NAUCC. Wow! I never thought I’d see them again.

did you get them back?


No I did not. I did file a police report, but the first I had heard of them was yesterday. It never occurred to me that they might turn up here. I’ve been watching eBay, and checking pawn shops. It was a fluke that I ran across this thread. They were stolen from my garage along with a chop saw.

I hope you get them back.

Have you contacted onefiftyfour? he might have contact information for the guy trying to sell them.

If you get them back post some pics!

hey trey,

i didn’t see your PM until this morning. sorry. let us know what happens.


I got them back.

Wow! Thanks to Eric, and this site, I got my unis back. My son and I took them for a victory lap around the block with a little curb hopping thrown in. A big shout out to the San Angelo police department for doing all the leg work and actually going to Austin to get them from the pawn shop…oh, and while I’m at it, a big thank you to Austin Pawn and Jewelry for working with the police. Not many of these stories work out so well. Once again, thanks Eric. Next time you need a sponsor for one oy your rides let me know. You are a truly classy guy.
Best All,

You’re welcome! Awesome!!! Isn’t the internet and technology great!?! Funny about the GPS info. Do you also live in San Angelo? Wow, this is great.

Sweet! Way to go gents!

Nice story :slight_smile: