Are DXs waterproof?

MY Torker DX is coming in tomorrow. Today, I saw a cool fountain with blocks that go across. It seems within my skill level, I’m pretty sure, but, behind me will be a 10 foot drop into water and I think that will distract me a bit. If I happen to fall and the DX comes with me, will anything horrible happen to it?

I just sold my LX and WOULD’VE done it with that but this DX being brand new and more expensive I wanted to make sure before I went for it.

a guy i hradu of was unicycling on a briged fell off and the unicycle landed ontop of him but he seat is like a sponge witch makes it bad to fall in water but u should wipe down the frame with a dry closth if it gets wet

As long as you dry it off after it will be fine…There is a K1ideo where yoggi has his uni fall off a bridge into a river and it was fine. Just dont let the water set in and rust.

Unicycles float!, well, my torker did, and all the other wrecks I have witnessed of the uni going into water.

Make sure you dry everything really well, and really get the inside of your seat post, you will really not want any rust to get in there and weaken your frame.

dissasemble everything then dry it out.I imagine it wouldn’t be to good for the bearings or cranks

the frame tend to rust and break. the bearings also rust easily.

Hose it down, then dry it off. It will float.

Edit: Also, don’t fall in.

By wipe it off, do ya’ll mean take it all apart and dry every piece? Or just wipe down the frame and seatpost and be done.

It would be best to do every piece.

Yeah …take it apart. It wont take you long an dit will be well worth it.

i know my muni floats. log over a river didn’t go well…anyway i took it apart and just let it dry over night. it’s fine.

I am going to assume that since the DX is new that it hasn’t been fully overhauled and greased before. Take it apart. Put grease or anti-seize on all of the metal to metal contact points and all the threaded parts. Then put it back together. It is now ready to get wet.

If it does get a dunking you should take it apart again and let it dry out. The grease should protect the parts from rusting. That’s part of what grease is for.

Most unicycles with a big volume tire and a fluffy foam for floaty air seat will float, at least a short while, if dropped in water.

The parts that don’t like water would be the pedal bearings, the axle bearings, and for splined hubs the interface between the hub and the crank. Too much riding in wet conditions and you’ll have to replace the hub bearings sooner and overhaul the pedals sooner.

On the safety side, don’t assume that the water is a deep, ok-to-plunge-in safe place to fall. Fountains often have lots of metal piping and hardware just under the surface where you can’t see it. Falling on that kind of thing from 10 feet up would be really bad.

Its clear water and Its only about a foot and a half deep. I’ll see if I can’t get a good picture this Sunday whe I go back there.

OK well that’s not as bad as pipes but you must assume that 18 inches of water will not slow you down at all. Just think of how deep you go jumping off a 10 foot diving platform - at least 10 feet or more. So pretending the water is not there at all, only the hard concrete floor, might be a useful exercise.

I’m not saying if I fall I won’t get hurt. I’m just seeing if it would hurt my DX if it got wet. It’s only a high drop on one side. The other isnt even a drop. its just water.

Yes there are some pipes also

ok, listen if you fall you need to take the seatpost out, empty the water out of the seatpost and frame, take off the bearing caps, dry them out and dry off the frame, then you should be good, but I suggest doing it w/ a bag over your seat or something if you are worried about it

I speak from experience, I did a frontflip into a water hole :slight_smile: