Are Dotek 140mm cranks strong enough for trials riding?

I just got a pair of Dotek 140mm cranks sent to me from I ordered them thinking that they were actually made by Bulletproof BMX (the makers of the DM ATU splined crank arms). They are in fact merely Doteks that have been put in a plastic bag and a cardboard label stapled on that says ‘Bulletproof’. They are very similar to what’s available on with a spider and $11 extra on the price tag. I’m kinda p*#!^ed off that what I got is not what they said it was.

Nevertheless, I tried putting them on my trials uni and found that there was no way the right crank would go on without grinding off 90% of the spider.

From now my options are to send them back and ask for my money back or to commit to grinding off the spider. If I return the cranks and get a full refund I will have lost about US$30. I guess what I would like to know is if I were to grind off the spider would the Dotek 140’s be strong enough for aggressive trials riding? By ‘aggressive’ I mean repeated 4 and 5 foot drops. Has anyone tried this kind of riding on Dotek 140’s?

Grrrr, if only Bike Parts USA had been more honest about what they are selling I wouldn’t be in this situation!

Oh well, c’est la vie.