Are bigger wheels easier to learn seat-drag?

Did I understand that correctly?

I’ve heard it’s easier on a 20", but I learned quite easily on a 24", and I’ve heard of it being done on a Coker.
More important than wheel size is wheel strength, since seat drag puts lots of stress on the rim and hub. For some advice on learning it, see The Unicyclopedia’s freestyle section.

According to this thread, its easier to ultimate wheel on bigger wheels so I’d assume its easier to seat-drag on bigger wheels:
personally, I have no idea which is easier seeing as I can’t seat drag

I have always done seat drag on a 20 inch wheel. personally i would say not to learn on anything bigger than a 24 inch wheel. when you start learning, start by riding around with your seat out in front and extend the seat away from your body as far as you can while still riding, and then when you can do that, start holding your seat with only a few fingers, until you can do it away from your body, only holding on with your pinky finger, then you are ready to drop the seat and try to ride.

One thing that would definately be easier on a smaller wheel is the pick-up from seat drag, since with a smaller wheel you have to reach down just slightly less far.
The most important thing to remember when learning this is to go fast, and ride with lots of stability when you drop the seat.

So which is easier 20", 24" or bigger/smaller? :thinking:

The problem with asking this question is that we probably all initially learned on one wheel size. So, how would we even know if it would’ve been easier on another? Shortly after I first learned on my 20" freestyle, I tried it on my 24" muni and was seemingly just as successful.

Though, I’m still struggling to make my seat drag more consistent and controlled. It seems to be much easier to do on a slight downslope because it helps keep the faster speed up.


I have been seat dragging for a few months now on my 20".

When i was learning, i once tried a 26". I held the skill far longer than i used to on my little wheel. I could do it easier but at this time i wasn’t able to catch the seat again. That makes me say seat-drag is actually easier on a bigger wheel whereas it might be easier to catch the seat on a more little one.


if you have several different unicycles then theres no reason not to try it but i dont think there would be enough difference in difficulty to worry about it. If you already ride 20’’ freestyle then just stick with that, or the uni you regularly ride. Seat drag is quite difficult i guess, but people can do it no problem on 20’’, even backwards if they are really good :wink: so i dont think wheel size is much of an issue.

i think the bigger issue is the q-factor on the wheel. the bigger your q-factor the harder to learn.

depends on the thickness of your tyre/wheel.

If your Q factor was absoloutly massive, it would be okay if the tyre was SUPER MASSIVE aswell.

but i’d have to say the biggest problem is how fart the pedals are from the middle of the wheel

People, if you don’t mind me asking. What’s the point of seat-drag? I really like all the freestyle moves, but I really don’t understand seat-drag. Does it lead on to something cool? I mean you just end up scratching your seat to nothing. Please explain.

ive done it on coker and it was really easy. i can do it on 20 inch to but on coker it was really easy.

i think it has to do w/ Q factor and wheelsize

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I think the Nimbus monster wheel uni would be sweet for seat drag (i know its great for wheel walk) tho I just learned seat drag on my trials uni last week, might try on my muni to see which goes furthur, and then try a monster wheel at some stage too

Want to get buttery smooth at seat-in-front riding (extremely useful for trials)? Learn seat drag.

Also, Kriss Holm once said in a tutorial video seat drag can make it easier to learn ultimate wheel. He also said U.W. is good for something having to do with trials, but I don’t remember what. Check out Andrew Carter’s vids of KH.

:sunglasses: Found it:, then go Trials Skills/Kris Holm tutorials/Seat In Front Hops.

So, according to KH, to get better at seat in front hopping, practice riding SIF, seat drag, and ultimate wheel, in that order of difficulty.