Are all Mad4One and Kris Holm parts interchangeable?

It has been a while since I posted on here. I was looking at some of the nice Mad4One unicycles and I was wondering are all their parts interchangeable with Kris Holm parts. (Cranks, Hubs, seatposts and so on?)

I have a Mad4one frame with a KH 27,5" wheel, Spirt cranks and Shimano break. Everything fits without a problem.

I have a 29" M4O frame with a Nimbus Oracle hub, Spirit cranks, KH seat post
I have a Nimbus Oracle 32 with M4O dual holes cranks
No issue

Almost everything is interchangeable. The side of the discbrake (left/right) is one of the things to look out for. On a KH frame, you can only run the diskbrake on the right side, with the disks on spirit cranks.

It’s usually easy to figure out what fits what, this is what you look at (for the bigger brands, excluding walmart specials etc):
Hubs: bearing spacing can be 100mm (common) or 125mm on fat Unis, so you need a frame with the same bearing spacing. Splines can be Isis, square tape, Mad4one 6pin or Qaxle, cranks need to fit that.
Seatpost can be 27.2mm or 25.4mm, that needs to fit your frame. Can be the “standard unicycle system” or pivotal for KH seats.
Seatclamps 31.8mm or 28.6mm, needs to fit your frame.
Pedalsall fit everything

What I am trying to say is that you should look at where parts meet, and find out if they match in dimensions/system. Most of the time there are no weird issues, some older hubs don’t fit all frames because the spokes rub on some manufacturers. I wouldn’t want to give a blank statement of KH and Mad4one interchange here, just for someone to find a 6pin hub and wonder why it doesn’t fit his spirit cranks…

At least the current Mad4one aluminium Muni-frames have a brake mounts on both sides. Means you can fit external brake (KH spirit) or internal. On those frames the frame spacing is 100mm and the bearing size is 42mm. Rest as finnspin already mentioned.

If you have any specific questions or concerns, I have found Marco Vitale (Mad4One proprietor) to be very responsive to inquiries. email
(He hasn’t posted on this forum for a while, but his facebook page is pretty active.)

Thanks for the Replys

Thanks so much for the replies. I have always bought Kris Holm Unicycles before but some of those Mad4One models look enticing! I have a big delema on my hands now!