Are 22mm x 40mm bearings available?

Needing bearings to put a KH Isis hub in a frame with 40mm bearing holders.
Are they out there?

Are the Isis hubs a “raw” 22mm or are there shims between the axle and the bearing?

Not in the right width. If you came up with a shim (more of a bearing sleeve) that would work for OD and width the following two might work.

I looked for these for over a year before I gave up and bought profiles (kind of.)

Good luck.

Any other input on this.

I hope I missed something, but months ago I researched that very size and came up with nothing. There are bearing manufacturers that can do some custom sized small-batch prototypes (I found one in Seattle), but it’s pricey.

Some ISIS axles are 20mm, some 22mm, and some 25mm. I bet there are other sizes too.

Edit: The KH axle is actually 22 OD.

Is the one in the box 22mm?

This is why I posted an open letter to Kris Holm a few months ago now (3-4) that said something like dear kris holm, please make a moment option with 40mm OD or something like that. The thread got pretty long, actually - you might find an answer there.

But, really, KH needs to listen to demand. People have been asking for this bearing option for YEARS.

Heres the thread: Kris Holm: How about some "legacy" support?

Kris doesn’t make bearings

If you believe the demand is there to justify the several thousand dollar cost of commissioning a run of a custom bearing size, you are as able to get it done as Kris is. Just call the bearing maker and place your order.

I am sure he just doesn’t believe he can sell enough to recoup the investment. :sunglasses: Better he spend his $ designing the new KH 36.:slight_smile:

pdc, yes the KH hub is 22mm, and the bearings are 22/42 (a common size, whereas 22/40 can’t be had!) All Conundrum frames were made specifically for the KH Moment hub (size & width).