Araldite...? Bearings in lollipops...

Hey there, I’m getting occasional bearing slip from one of the lollipops on my uni.

In lollipops, bearings are pressed in and completely surrounded by the lollipop, so I thought perhaps adding some sort of glue to the bearing surface would help it stay locked inside the lollipop? I don’t really care if it gets stuck in there forever, but will some sort of bonding liquid like Araldite be able to lock a bearing inside a lollipop forever?

I know superglue isn’t going to work, but how about Araldite? Is there any araldite out there that comes in the form of a simple liquid like superglue would? I have seen some araldite kits but they are rather hasslesome to use due to there being 2 different liquids needing to be used one after the first.

Any ideas? Would it work? I know little about araldite, so information would be really helpful.


In short: I’m essentially after something that’ll ‘glue’ my bearing inside the lollipop permanently, is there anything else out there apart from araldite?

you could try red loctite.

i use this stuff at home for mteal-metal gluing. idk if yo can get it in the UK though.


yeah you can get it in the UK, but I always used to think that red locitite (or studlock) was mainly for seizing threads together powerfully. I remember applying it to a bolt and i could never screw the bolt out again.

But does that stuff work for actually bonding a metal to another metal TIGHTLY? not just threads?

yeah. It was recommended to me by a construction worker who was working on my house. To prove how well it worked he stuck a hammer to some aluminum scrap metal. It was stuck so strong that i couldnt pull it off after about 20min of drying time

Why do you think super glue won’t work? Correctly prepared it should be stronger than alraldite and is more suitable as it’s intended to be used in a pretty thin layer whereas epoxies require some bulk of material. However cleaning and the surfaces and washing with the appropriate alcohols might be quite tricky. Either way you’re going to have to get the bearings out to glue the surface and then press them back in. Locktite make a product called sleeve retainer which is designed for pretty much your purpose, i believe it’s a 1 pack cyanoacrylate rather than an epoxy.

And incidentally in the araldite two pack kits, they are not used one after the other, you squeeze out equal amounts from each tube and mix them before applying to the job, if you’ve got a scrap of cardboard and a matchstick it’s no hassle, I did it yesterday as it happens.

I felt I needed to bring this back up.

Basically, I’m now at the point of ordering some sort of ‘glue’ for the lollipops. Right now, Loctite 641 bearing fill seems to be a rather good option for doing the job.

However, I’m not really an engineer so a lot of jargon such as ‘retaining’ isn’t something I’m familiar with.

In short, I’m after some sort of liquid that will keep my bearings STUCK tight inside the lollipop holders so that they don’t slip out of the the lollipops after time. I normally see superglue as a sticky compound that goes crusty when dried, are there any other superglue products that Loctite make that are suitable for the job? Some super-super glue for metal-metal bonding essentially?


Would some kind of shim work?

No way, the bearing is already tight to fit inside the lollipop, all I need is a suitable glue of some sort to properly bond the outer bearing surface ring to the inside of the lollipop.

Once that’s done, the uni’s perfect.

Try some Metal Epoxy yet?

Not yet, but i just googled it, and Maplins stock them… there is a Maplins not too far from me!

Steel epoxy, it is described as on their site. I’m hoping this’ll do the trick I want it to do. I know that sometimes gluing metals together creates stronger bonds than welding (on some parts of aircraft and cars), is this the sort of stuff that is used? Or is epoxy considered as a weak yet cheap glue for metal-metal bonding?