Arafura Games Australia - Unicycle Segment

Tomorrow night (Saturday 13/05/05) several unicyclists will be performing in the opening ceremony at the Arafura Games. It’s being broadcasted internationally to a number of Asian countries, and may be on some American cable channels (well, I hope it will be anyway).

There are 8 unicyclists on 20" unicycles that will be doing a freestyle routine around “Rocky” (a big Kangaroo bloke) and I will be riding a Coker around the stadium and then doing some easy trials at the end (hopping over ppl). So if u get a chance to watch it, have a look, our segment is roughly 5 minutes, and should be pretty good.

It’s great that our unicycle club gets to take part in things like this, especially considering how little known unicycling is in Australia, especially Darwin. Hopefully this will help ppl to consider how unicycles can be used in different ways from circus clowns etc…

Anyway, it is said to be broadcasting on channel 7 or 10 down south, and will be shown live in Darwin. If anyone in America or Britain or anywhere else overseas hears about it being broadcasted feel free to tell everyone here! Thanks :slight_smile:

Congratulations. Sounds like great exposure. Can someone record it, encode it, and upload it to the forum since it’s not too long a segment? I’d love to see it.

I’ll see what I can do, but I don’t really have the equipment to do it. They are replaying it on sunday, so i’ll try to get it then. Also, they might give us a DVD or video version of the games so I’ll be able to get it then.

Excellent! You don’t happen to know what time it will show on the east coast do you?

My girlfriend (Emma) said that it should be on at around 4:30pm (your time) on channel 7 or 10. That’s all the info I have so far, but we’re performing in 6 hours, so I’ll probably know more info after we perform!

Re: Arafura Games Australia - Unicycle Segment

I couldn’t find it in the TV guide or on the TV here in Melbourne. How
did it go?

yeh it went well thanks. I’m getting a copy of the video footage of it, and i’ll post it here ASAP. I didn’t stack it, and I got a huge applause!!! There were like 10,000 ppl watching!!! It was scary, but fun.