Arachnid pedals

Here’s a new pedal I just couldn’t resist. Dark Cycles makes this model “Arachnid” in several anodized colors. Red just happened to match my Red Menace guni. The steel axle is the same as Wellgo MG-1s, and dis-assembles in the same way. Each pedal weighs 440g, a little more than the magnesium MG-1s. There are 13 pins (set screws) on each side. I set mine very low, as I have a soft sole and don’t need a whole lotta bite. One neat feature is their thinness, which puts your foot in line with the pedal axle, not way above it like thick pedals. Highly recommended.
Dark Cycles web site:


how much for a pair?

They retail direct from Dark for USD $139.

Grippiness depends on how high you set the pins.

those are some sick looking pedals

have you got carbon fibre cranks? and they look kidna sucky for pedal grabs but ultragrippy.

This guy’s the commuter guru, he won’t be pedal grabbing at all.

No, Harper is the commuter guru. And the science guru. And the human guru. And he pedal grabs.

Each pedal weighs 440g . Wow ! that’s a lot ! Must be the depleted uranium bushings…no wait, it says 440 gr./pair. Not so bad, but heavy for a commuter IMHO. Gotta admit the looks are pretty special.

139 $ Wow ! that’s a lot ! You can get 350 gr/pr DMR magnesium’s with 7 mm ti axles for that kind of cash. Much lighter, but sorta normal looking.

IMHO the spiders look cool.:slight_smile:


yeah, i meant per pair :smiley:

I think the shizz would be to put the titanium mg-1 axles in these. Anyone have a web link to the mg-1s?

Just saw the mg-1 ti pedals on eBay for $89. lowest price. If I get crazy and do that mod (wouldn’t be anytime soon), I’ll post pics. The ti axle should get the weight of the arachnids below a steel mg-1.

Can you link me to that price.

Ive been seeing them for only $100+.

if you want awesome looks and light look at these|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14
168g for the pair!

Those WR-1s are a junior sized pedal, that’s how they got them so light. Not the best platform for a regular size foot.

Here’s a $89. BIN for the MG-1 Ti:

they’re already gone…

Here are some ti spindles that fit MG-1s or Dark pedals - looks like a new product on eBay:

Wow those pedals are nuts light and look like they could be nice for cokering?

Do you have a disk breaks on your uni? Is that a 700c rim?


You guys should just get some egg beaters.