apuc canberra 2013

well i have booked the time off work, and im looking into flights

i know its not quite unicon or naucc but , this is my first unicycle gathering / convension. not really sure what to expect
going mostly for the hockey, but will take 1 more uni , 36 for road , or 26 for muni ( undecided)

any feed back from anyone else going appreciated

Not going as i now live on the other side of the world, but Canberra does have some great muni around the place. If i had to choose, my preference would be for the muni over the 36er…you have a schlumpf 26er yeah?


+1 for the 26er. There is some fantastic muni rides around Canberra.
It’ll be a blast.

Well I guess it depends on what style of riding you prefer. I am organising the Muni events for the APUC and can say from years of riding that stromlo forest park (and canberra in general) has some of the best, most accessible mountainbike trails in Australia- all conveniently located in the one spot. The only thing is that it will be really hot (high summer) so the best riding will be done before 9am and after 6pm. Canberra also has great cycle paths that would be wonderful for a g36- the 22.5km loop around lake burleigh griffin would be a highlight. For me- the trouble with transporting a big wheel internationally would put it in favour with the smaller muni. Rob (dragonfly), Jamey myself and most likely a few others will be hanging around stromlo and a few other locations over the APUC weekend doing Muni so you would have some people to ride with- or at least get help on choosing tracks to ride.