Aprox. Value of a Used Profile MUni?

What is a fair price for a used (not abused) profile MUni?

it depends what the specs are what kind of tire, what kind of frame, what kind of seat and petals ect, but I’d say about $450. maybe more mabey less.


I wanted to have a over view rather then specifics. That way the thread could be useful for more then just me! :slight_smile:

But let’s say: A Bedford frame, Gaz tire, Alex rim, Sun Ringle pedals, KH Gel saddle.

I’d say about $500. It’s more about how much the person who would be buying the uni thinnks it’s worth though.

Any other thoughts on the matter?

I kno the one your talking about…You bought it last year right?. Id say between $550-$600 assuming that the Profiles are still in good condition.

on pink bike theres one for $250 http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/?category=0&ptimestamp=1154322000&op=list&keyword=unicycle

Does anyone else have a idea of current aprox. value, I haven’t seen many sold recently?

Well you need to take into account that a big seller for P-files is the warrenty. You wont get that warrenty since you arn’t the original buyer.

yeah, you actually do still get the warrenty. I emailed UDC and asked every question about the warrenty as possible and they said if you have a profile hub or cranks that break or get ruined you send them into the Manufacture and they will give you a new crank or hub. But the warrenty is only for the hub and cranks, nuthing else.

Would it be better to put a “Feeler” in the Trading post and see how much people are willing to pay?

I have someone locally who wants to buy it from me and I’m trying to come up with a fair price. It would have cost close to $1,000 new four years ago.

With this in mind, does anyone else have a idea of it’s current fair value.

Ballpark: $500-$600 (USD), for quality components used & not abused.

i would say 450
but there is that one for $250
that is 2 months old