April + Mai :D

New street and flat vid from me: Watch in HD! :smiley:

This video was filmed in the end of april and until now in Mai :smiley: Please enjoy and comment if you like :smiley:

awesome :slight_smile:
you’re tricks getting really good :roll_eyes:
the whole vid impressed me… and double flip from 5set was sick! :smiley:

Hey Tim, thanks for the comment :smiley: Your pretty sick too!! :astonished:

Was that a trey side double or just a trey side into the grass? :astonished: Either way it was sick!!! That was such a sweet video, I really like the street! Hope to see some more crazy stuff from you in the future!

It was a treydouble :wink:

It was a treydouble :wink:

It was a treydouble into the grass, but the treyside at the black floor in the begining of this vid :smiley: Thanks so much for a great comment :smiley:

Yeah I thought for sure the first time I watched it there was side spin in their but the second time it definitly looked like a trey double.:slight_smile:

Awesome video! You’re improving really fast. The railride-3 spin off was niceee, along with pretty much every other trick. Oh and the forward dismount-crankflip thing was sickk haha. :slight_smile:

Thanks for great comment :smiley: the dismount-crankflip was just for fun :stuck_out_tongue: but it was real fun :smiley:

tell me that wasn’t a hicktriple…tell me that wasn’t a hicktriple…tell me that wasn’t a hicktriple.

WAS THAT A HICKTRIPLE! gosh dang, I suck :stuck_out_tongue:

thats really cool! :slight_smile: most things are mentioned but i liked the double to 360 too :slight_smile: look forward to seeing some of those tricks that were done on to grass / sand done up or down stuff on concrete :slight_smile:

Yeah i will land most of the tricks on flat soon, but it was a tripleflip to 360 :wink:

Colby: Thanks, but you have landed hicktriple too down one pallet right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Your flip tricks are looking nice! Triple-3spin was awesome, Fifthflip looks good, and the hicktrip was sick. Great video!

edit: Might need a little work in terms of editing though XD

Thanks for great comment all :smiley:

I know the editing sucks, but i havent got full order at the sony vegas :stuck_out_tongue: Its new to me :slight_smile: i will learn more of it later :wink:

I’ve landed 4 or 5 hicktrips in total, but all down 2 pallets :frowning:

you will get it before me on flat :slight_smile: because you is that kind of human that dont think that you can get hurt so you just go for it and BANG!! You landed it :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

here is the vimeo link:

I had some problem by uploading it to vimeo so thats why its so delayed :slight_smile: