April '09

This is my Trials, Street, and Flatland riding of April.

The reason that some trick were done on my trainer is because my trials unicycle is being fixed. Anyways, comment and enjoy.

Oh, I’m not sure if I’ll make a May video. If I do, don’t expect too much, I’ve improved so much, I think I need to work more on consistency.

Youtube (still processing)


Nice vid man, loved the 3600 unispin. Now you should work on doing 540 unispin on your normal unicycle not the basic :smiley:

I would’ve, but my trials unicycle is being fixed.

hey man you got really good!
nice vid and riding…keep it up;)

Awesome! Completely lived up to my expectations. someday you’re going to up there with the best of the best, you’re improving really fast.

Tight dude. Keep on improving.

Some nice trials, but I was expecting better.

Nice vid! I see you really like Beck… Anyways a couple of things. First off, that skinny destroyed you! But it was sick to see that you got it. Second, right handed spins may be natural for you (well at least that is a trend with left foot back riders). But when it comes down to it, it just depends on what is more comfortable. Those blind 360s looked pretty easy but then again the 540 was left handed so idk.

Darn kids and their talent…

I was too.

I’m really close to treyflips, so expect them soon. I would’ve done more doubles and hard(er) stuff, but I was riding on a snapped base most of the time.

very good riding, but i lost interest in the video at 2:00… the way i think of it when making a video is to do a highlight reel, it helps a lot.

I’ll do that next time:o

I’m looking forward to getting this KH 09, because it will hold up, allow more technical tricks, and won’t break. Especially the seat. I’m gonna get gussets on my Forged seatpost too.

If you are expecting to have a unbreakeable saddle get a cf base, cause the other bases wont hold up for much time…

I know it will break, but it won’t break as easy.

Do any of you guys know if Kris will sell his base separately?

I really don’t know probably he will…
But why don’t you get a cf?

Alu posts need heat treated. Get a steel one if you want it to last. It will probably break like the quax posts with gussets.