Appropriate Unicycle for Long Distance

I’m 15 and I started unicycling around January. My friend and I are planning on doing a sort of unicycling for charity kind of thing. We’re riding around 15 miles or so and we plan to do a much longer distance by the end of the summer. At the moment I have a torker 24" and a kris holm trials 20". I was wondering what size i should get. I was thinking 29" because I can barely afford that anyway. Is a 29" hard to mount? Answers to either of these would help me. thanks :slight_smile:

It might take a bit to get used to, but you won’t have any problems mounting a 29er. A Coker would be even more “appropriate” for distance riding, but it costs more and takes up more room in the car, etc.

I went from a 20 to a 29 a few months after learning to ride. The adjustment is a weird phase where everything seems odd at first, but most people will get adjusted between a few minutes and a few days pending practice and how quickly you adapt.

For me, the oddest part was sitting up so much higher on the 29 than I did on the 20. Now it seems fairly natural and doesn’t phase me at all.

For long cruising type rides with no tricky obstacles or hazards, the Coker will always win on speed and comfort.

If you want to mix with traffic and other hazards, then there are arguments for the more manageable 28 or 29. It is preference and confidence.

For 15 miles, if budget is an issue, then the distance can easily be done on a 24. It’s a while since I’ve done it, because I now have the 28 and 36, but I used to do 15 - 20+ mile rides on my 24, and often used to ride it flat out for an hour at a time without stops. Put some 110mm or 102 mm cranks on a 24 and it is an exciting and fun machine to ride, and capable of significant distances at reasonable speeds.

But if you plan to do lots of distance, then there’s a simple rule: big wheels are better.