Appropriate Mountain Unicycle...?

I am going mountain unicycling this summer and was wondering if I should buy a 24" mountain unicycle. …If so, which one (not too expensive). I already own a KH 20" right now, so should I use that… or whatever.

Depends on your fitness, the terrain, what else other riders have etc. If you can, give it a go on your 20 before whatever event you have planned and see.
Something has obviously given you the idea that people often (or usually) use 24s instead of 20s for Muni, perhaps that tells you something in itself? :slight_smile:

What sort of terrain will you be riding on? The term mountain unicycling covers a lot of different types of riding, each of which will be suited to different wheel sizes. If it’s mostly ‘XC’, or a bit of everything, then you will probably be better off with a 26" or even a 29", whereas if it’s mostly rocky, steep and has lots of gaps and drops, a 24" will be ideal.

The 24x3" is great at riding technical stuff. Bigger wheels are better and bigger distances. It depends what you want to do.

Unless you are doing huge drops a UDC hub is fine. The UDC max traction is a good buy.