Applying martial artsy stuff to unicycling...

At school today, we did a quick workshop which involved part of some sort of martial arts where you centre you’re weight and become stable and so on. The way they told us to do it did seem to work (it may have just been the extra concentration and relaxation) and I’ve decided to try to apply the exercise to unicycling. I haven’t had a chance yet but tomorrow afternoon, I’ll work on ‘centering my weight’ before riding and also while I’m stillstanding.

Has anyone else used martial arts techniques to help their unicycling? If so, could you please let me know of some good exercises? They don’t have to be martial arts ones.


Not quite martial arts, but I used something similar to an alexander technique thing to learn spinning hops on the spot. Basically just imagine that there’s a broom handle through the top of your head and down your back and try to keep it vertical. Keeping yourself nice and straight up and twisting around that helps get a good spin, I went from 180 to 270 on my Muni. Still can’t get that 360 though.

I’ve also been known to do balance exercises on the train, try standing on one leg on a moving train, surprisingly difficult.


I do Bujinkan Ninjitsu and the break-fall rolling helps a lot - saved my kneck loads of times.
As to centreing you weight - I think unicyclists are pretty good at this anyway but I think you want as high a CoG as possible for still-standing.

Re: Applying martial artsy stuff to unicycling…

I used to practice gojo ryu karate, and like Joe, I find the breakfalls help
alot for bailing.


i watch alot of Bruce Lee movies while shoving popcorn onto my pie hole.

my unicycle is the Jeet Kun Do take down master,it sits in the corner learning how to wack my legs out from underneath me from these movies.