Appearance on the BBC

So I’m riding coast to coast in August for charity and managed to get my story to the BBC! Just thought I’d share it with you all
I appeared on BBC’s look north programe on Tuesday at about 3pm. Here is a link to the appearance and it will be on youtube once I get the DVD!

Nice dude!
I was planning the same trip a while back but it never really materialised :frowning:
congratulations on getting the story onto the BBC
completely off topic but what size is your expander? looks about a ten? :stuck_out_tongue:

Please do, because…

I’m too lazy to find out a workaround with some proxyserver or something…

Thanks man, what do you mean expander?

There was a bit in that piece when I held the camera and cycled around…very brave and a little scary cycling around with £2000 on my arm!
Also took 7 hours of filming for that 2 min clip!! Pretty good but was a little annoying that she took that quote from me, don’t want to put people off further from learning!

In your ear :slight_smile: should’ve been more clear!

Ahh funny story about that been thinking about it today! it was 10mm there, however I got some kind of infection, got a swollen eye, glands and my tunnel swelled up!
Left it a day and my ear got really sore, took my tunnel out, left it a day and its shrunk to about 3mm now!! Back to square one, will have to stretch it again now.

Very good!

I was expecting the classic opening line - “Think unicycles were just for the circus? Think again!” that TV seems to think is oh-so-original and funny, but it was actually a really good and informative item and didn’t mention clowns once. :smiley:

Oh, and good luck with the ride! Always good to see unicycling for a good cause. :slight_smile:

Funny thing was, there was a circus at the park we started at. She even filmed it for a bit and was going to do that as an opening (something I groaned about) glad she didn’t use it in the end! Think after spending 7 hours with me and listening to peoples reactions… ‘where’s your other wheel’ I think she started to understand it a lot better!