Appeal to all developers, designers, innovators, ...

There are many creative and talented unicyclists out there and I believe it is time to combine forces to further develop our sport and use this huge potential for innovation.

This post is mainly addressed at computer scientists, software developers, designers, project managers and people who have visions or concrete ideas for technology based projects. There are many recurring challenges in the world of unicycling that can easily be handled with software based solutions (like the new registration system used for Unicon 17).

As a first step I would like to invite everyone who fits into one of the groups mentioned above to join the mailing list [1]. Write a few words about yourself and let us know what your hard or soft skills are that could be relevant for future projects or what projects you would like to get realized.
At Unicon 17 in Montreal we will also have a workshop/meeting for anyone who is interested to exchange ideas and discuss how to proceed.

Rocco & Tamás


What are some of these challenges??

I have a few ideas and can program a bit too.

How about you computer guys get together and fix the spamming problem on this forum?

Now that would be something worth doing!!


Or just let me delete the spam, that would be easy…

I’m no where close to good enough to do that, even in an impractical way.

More mods would help though, maybe they just hide spam until Gilby can view it for deletion.

I thought this was spam based upon the title and didn’t open it until there were a few responses.

It would be great if the forum had tighter controls on new threads, new members or some moderators with the ability to quickly hide/delete the spam plague that has hit this site in the last six months.

What about it Gilby?


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I’m a mod on another forum as my work means I’m on the internet 90% of the working week, I’d be more than happy to delete some rubbish!

Here is a short list of things that come to my mind. There is probably much more that could be done. Many things are simply not important enough and hence won’t be realized by individuals with limited resources. However the more people there are the higher the chance that some of them consider projects important and the higher the likelihood that they actually get realized.

For competitions and conventions:

  • measuring and processing times/results in races
  • scoring for flatland, freestyle, etc.
  • managing timetables and venues so that no collissions occur
  • providing platforms where riders can offer workshops and register for them
  • ...

For work in the IUF (most of that is in progress or in usable state already):

  • rulebook committee platform for proposals
  • platform to crowdsource translations of rulebooks and other documents/websites
  • central database for world records
  • events database
  • ...

Add me to the list of people that thought this was spam based on the thread title. :o

After the entire first page became nothing but spam I went looking for that thread from a few months back to bump it and petition “Hey, add a moderator!” I posted up but then reread the last page of that thread and saw the following from Gilby who is the webmaster:

Referring to when the Chinese bots post new threads when the majority of the board users are sleeping. Everyone wants to be a moderator :wink: but if I understand that correctly the version of software that’s running this site is incapable of having/adding moderators?

It’s fairly easy to filter past the spam threads, just go immediately to page 2 to start browsing :sunglasses: and It’s also a bit hard to complain about a free board.

Also, I’m a programmer… not convinced I want to do it in my free time, work has already cut deep into my unicycling time. :frowning: