One of the regulars in this forum contacted me to check, so I thought I’d better make it clear for everyone.

My ‘signature’ used to read, ‘Other wheel? I invested my tricycle with Standard Life.’

This was meant to be topically satirical, and would have been if I had written ‘Equitable Life’ instead.:o

I know nothing to the detriment of Standard Life. It was a simple error, made all the more embarrassing by the fact that I work in the insurance industry.

Those of you with investments with Standard Life may now relax.:o

I had considered heavy investments in a Standard Life, but chose not too after reading your dispersions. Please determin the effective capitol loss I’ve incured as a result of your brash statement so that I can know how much I should have invested, then send yourself a bill. Your forthrightness in this mater is appreciated, and all liability will, of coarse, be forgiven when the check is in hand. Payment may be made to the following address set up for one of my favorit charities at PayPal:



Your apology has been expected for quite some time, especially by those among us who are also very close to the insurance industry in that we have heard a story about it on the radio once. I think this shaking down of oneself is adequate compensation for me but, if you find it within your deep and charitable pocketbook, I would like to go to Japan with Jagur, also.

I believe this belongs in the new “REPENTANCE” forum.