Apology thread

yeah i agree hedont deserve the sigs… but really you have to be quite sad to care so much.

yeah so what haha, they are megapixels, i dont care and by the sounds of it some of you guys are being affected emotionally and your sleep is being affected by it. just ignore jamie and his sigs and we can all move on. getting stressed about megapixels is sad

if they were like boxing or wrestling championship belts or like physical world title trophies then yeah u shud care… but still in those cases people still get hold of replicas. u dont see boxers getting hackd off when they see kids walking around the stands with replica championship belts.

be a man and stop crying over the trophies. i couldnt care less if someone decided to use a trophy sig i earned. megapixels are megapixels. jesus

think about yourselves. you are fretting and getting upset over this and dont deny it because its so obvious to all of us. forget it, and leave it be. im sure jamie will get bored of them eventually.

all it proves is you guys can be so anal about such small things. honestly i couldnt care if you came first in an online forum crankflip contest. woopdey f*cking doo! stop crying about and take it like a man. When u stop caring about it, ur life becomes easier. this forum then becomes better

all i see now are a bunch of bitter bitter people discriminating this kid for having sigs. yes i know some of u properly earned the sigs and jamie didnt… WE ALL FREAKING KNOW THAT haha!

heres a way to deal with it:
let him be and keep the sigs (you know he’s testing you guys to see if your discrimnation towards him came from his past rudeness or the sigs) it is now obvious to the cool-headed ones of us that you guys are hating over freaking colored megapixels lol.

^along with that everyone can just acknoledge he has the sigs for fun and not for the real purpose. like a replica trophy if u must. no big deal

Don’t Cry

I dont agree with that. I still feel if he wants to gain some respect from me he will do the right thing and take them out of his sig. Just becuase I may be emotional about it doesnt mean its out of line to try and convay that emotion. I woked hard for the 2 I earned… hell I wish I could use the 540 one, its my favorite. I didnt earn it and I respect those who did so I dont get to use it. He obvioulsy wants to make amends, and the next step for him is to take the trophies out of the sig.

That being said. Its clearly not just the trophies that got everyone riled up. It was his attitude, and as he is trying to make up for that, everyone should understand that he will most likly come to his sences about the trophies too.

by the way, those trophies may be just pixles, but they represent, blood, sweat and tears.

preach it

lol haha fair enough

but that quote is so overused. blood sweat tears :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
I bet out of the three, only sweat came out for most of you
then comes blood possibly if you majorly screwed up your practice
if any of you cried, then… well… hmm (over a damn trick on a unicycle? sheeshh)

meh, im not bothered if jamie keeps the sigs. just megapixels after all.
just treat him like a fan.

boxing world champs have fans who hold their replica title belts. they dont go over into the stands and KO them for it do they? Lol imagine it. And those belts are made of leather and metal, not megapixels and they worked 10000x harder to get them yet they dont complain?

lol this is silly. whatever boys, this is getting silly. so long as that kid jamie doesnt act like a jerk on threads, then im fine.

rock on

Apparently you’ve never missed the pedals and landed hard on the family jewels!

haha i love that word:D

Everyone’s ranting and raving over these “trophys” in his sig. The kid hasn’t even logged in and responsded yet. He just wrote this thread last night or this morning. Give him some time to respond and take them out…sheesh!

he’s been told before, whatever if he doesn’t takem out then whatever…

Can sombody just explain these sigs, are they for anybody who can do the trick (with a video somwere on youtube) or are they for the inventor of the trick?

their for the competition’s, we start a competition and if you enter and complete the trick you can put it in your sig. I think that we should make it so that you dont even have to enter, I.E. agentQ should be able to put the 540 trophy in because he can landem…

Well, its for who ever lands it first.

Say the new comp is for backflips. Rules are, if you can already do a backflip, you cant be in the competition.

So now you have a few riders who cant do a backflip, and want to learn. They all go out and practice, and are pushed to finally get this trick down before someone else in the competition.

Someone finally gets the trick first, and gets a video of it, and they post it, so everyone else can see and verify that he did the trick.

Then that guy takes the trophy into his sig. I think I have seen the 2nd and 3rd place riders put them in there too, but with 2nd and 3rd place by the trophy.

That’s a really cool idea.

Thanks Jerrick for explaining that, I was sort of wondering what exactly they meant but I was sure that they had meaning and took dedication and effort to earn. I actually have sigs turned off for when I am sighed in as there are so many useless ones out there that just seem to clutter up the forums but I do miss seeing the sigs with significance.

I was just wondering how you know that the people who have entered and won the sigs didn’t already know how to do the tricks. I would be alot more upset to find out that the person who had “won” the sigs had been ineligable by the fact that they could already do a trick and didn’t have to learn it. Therefore the sig would be given and used by someone who had cheated.

my thoughts exactly, the sigs are a little stupid to me

i notice that the people who say that the most are the people who cannot do the tricks

I can barely even ride my uni yet and it will probably be months before i can do much. I would love to be able to do all those tricks but i think my point is extremely valid. How do you know others don’t cheat? Especially if you’ve worked really hard and put a lot of time and effort into something only to find that you didn’t win because someone else cheated.

Edit: I’m not saying that people do or have cheated (i certainly hope that they wouldn’t), but how do you know?

honor system i guess. i dont know really

yeah, normally this forum is really good about honor systems and keeping to them. there are very few riders that i have found to be dishonest about thier riding…

The sigs are a good way to earn a little respect. But it doesn’t mean much apart from someones learning speed. I think he needs to get rid of them out of respect for everyone here, but I wouldn’t put too much stock in these sig “trophys”. Just ride and have fun. That’s why I got into uni’ing. Big deal if you haven’t got one or don’t.

For the record, I’m a craptacular rider and don’t care about attention or landing tricks first. I tend to err on the side of caution and my motto is: “When you live on the cutting edge, you’re going to get cut”. I’d rather let others try it out and watch their tutorils on Youtube to learn it myself. I’m not trying to offend anyone, just my opinion…I know the sigs mean a lot of people here, but just remember that it is a message board and Uni’ing is just for fun and challanges…comps are great and I love watching sporting comps, but don’t get too caught up in it. At least I wouldn’t…

BTW, this kid has yet to respond. Was this for serious?