Apology thread

hi my name is jamie knox and in the past few weeks I have been a complete idiot. Arrogant, selfish and inconsiderate of others and the forum itself. i acknowledge that the majority of my comments were either offensive or utterly useless and a waste of time and space. i am sorry for that

one person in particular i have angered is agentQ. i apologise for being an assclown these last few weeks and i hope you can forgive me. i will make the effort to turn a new leaf and post useful informative stuff on these forums instead of spammin and shit talkin. i also relise that the trophy sigs pissed a lot of ppl off mainly agentQ and sparkymarky. well all i want to say about these are that i thought they looked cool and just wanted to have them in my sig. people who made these sigs should be honored that i like them enough to put them up but in another way it just pissed people off because they worked hard in a comp for them.

i know that my rude and useless posts are the main thing that fucked my reputation, but i ask people to forgive and forget and let me sucessfully turn over a new leaf. it can not happen unless i am given another chance. further discrimination or hate will just make you bitter people and will not help me change. the best way to heal an injury is to give it a chance and not aggravate it. please let me have this chance guys.

serious question for agentq and sparkymarrky… wud you have gotten this pissed off at me using those trophy sigs if i wasnt a complete asshole on this forum on the messagebaords? say kris holm or someone of similar respec added the trophies because they thought it looked cool, wud u start hating on them even if they decided to keep th sigs after you did some hate-pming?

so for now i will keep the tropy sigs but may remoev them once i know my redepmtion is complete. if the only reason you hate me is because of the sigs even after i turn a new leaf then u shud sort yourself out. ask urself why am i letting some colored megapixel letters bother me. dont claim they aint botherin u because froom the hate messages ive been getting it is obvious it does botha u. well its doin no harm to any1 as it is not personal direct insults like i used to do in some threaads.

hating somone for being an asshole on forums and writing rude messages and useless shit is fair, but 2 hate someone for just havin trophy sigs is not rite. so what if i like them n keep them? its not doin any harm. u guys can just all acknolwedge that i didnt take part in comps but choose to put em up.

so im sorry for being a bad forumer and i promise to be be myself and ditch the rude asshole act.

jamie. :o

I would still get rid of the sig, How would you feel if you went to a competition and worked real hard to get something like a metal and then the next day half the people there had the exact same metal that they just bought from a trophy shop? It devalues a trophy to nothingness if just anybody can have it.

I am glad you are coming around.


I’m glad you want to change your attitude, but you should also consider changing your language. We try to keep this forum family friendly and to do that we refrain from talking like sailors. However if you find it absolutely necessary, at least put some asterisks in.

I forgive you. Even though I didn’t have a problem with you really, some of the stuff was a bit out of line, and the cussing isn’t to great on a forum with moms, dads, and their children visiting frequently.

You didn’t ask this to me, but even if it was Kris Holm or Ryan Atkins or Shaun J. or anyone else taking those sig trophies and using them, I wouldn’t like it. I wouldn’t hate on them, but id still let them know those were supposed to be for the people who competed and worked hard to learn those tricks and land them first within the competition.

You say its not doing any personal harm to anyone, but it is. Not to most of us, but to the one who did participate and won the comps. I could easily take them and put them in my sig, and anyone else who knows how to copy and paste, but for me, it doesnt honor the person who went out and actually worked for it, and its disrespectful to those who were mature enough to not touch them until they won the right to put them in their sig. Thats how I look at it at least.

Anyways, its good that you are deciding to act more mature and polite on these forums. This forum isnt like a lot of other forums where its a lot of text typing, and flaming. Here we like and strive for good grammar, sensible debates, and to be very family like and helpfull.

glad you have heard how people thought of your posts, but like everyone before me said, the trophies should go.

I actually should also apologize since I have done some dumb things in the past…(pretty recent past actually) so I also want to say sorry to anyone who has been upset by my behavior in the forums. I am trying to change how I post and act. I’m sorry.

Thanks for saying this again. Sensible debates… helpfulness… family like.

The good grammar is so important. After all this is an international forum. I don’t think enough of us realize how difficult it is for many non-native English speakers to participate.

Not taking the effort to use conventions that are widely recognized is not just rude. In my opinion it is arrogant.

I forgive you too, even though I have no idea what this is all about.

Dang, me too, I must have missed it. Or just not payed attention…

Read through this thread and you’ll probly get it.

I’m glad you are coming around, but I still think you should take out the trophies.

Haha…I still don’t like you.
I thought your apology was funny though

Good for you, Jamieknox11. Now, remember to post stuff like this in Just Conversation where it belongs.

But only the winner has the “reputation trophy”, thats the diffrence

Well Fist off let me say that I am glad you went the apology route rather than starting a new account with a new name.

I did put you on my igonore list, Jamie. I felt like a jerk and that you had won by me using a somewhat pointless tool and took you off the ingnore list in a few short hours. I am happy you can see this whole things from a differnt angle now. You can begin to play an actual roll in the community.

Some of the things you said made you sound almost like an OG making a bad joke, which really stirred us up. Somehow you just new what buttons to push. Your downright rude and dissrecpectfull attitude along with using the trophies, was a good way to get attention to yourself with alot of us tricky, video, online alot guys. The fact that you had to spend some time finding all the old threads with the trophies shows that you know how to search and use the forums better then some people. Although doing that to put somehing “neat” in your sig is someting I believe Kris or Ryan would not do. If they did we would all ask them to please take them out of their sig or compete in the competitions.

So please remove the trophies, it doesnt have to do with if you are ncie or liked or new or well known. The trophies represent the hard work and accomplishment of winning a competition. You are free to play along and have a fair shot at winning one in our next trick comp. But please dont sully the value of the trophies for the rest of us.

Anyway, its a big step making an apology. I dont think Harper was right about where to post this. This seams like a good spot. I would have never read it in JC and it has to do with you and unicyclist and being one, its not just conversation.

You have surely made a name for yourself and dug yourself right into a hole. This single apology will not bring you to the surface tho Im willing to throw you a little rope. Tread lightly when you reach the top, as the name you have produced will never leave you. I guess I am saying “apology accepted”. Tho dont go thinking you are magicly fully respected now.

As was said, try and watch your language a bit. Some of us will use a well placed swear word here and there or use ** starts in place of the vowels. Also you should try and work on your Grammer. Alot of the users dont have english as their first language and is a struggle to read correct english let alone sloppy english. The better you write the more you will be understood. When I first came on here I had some very horrible writing and typing skills, but I worked on getting better and putting in more effort, something I should have been doing anyway. A little effort goes along way.

You have found a wonderfull community within an awesome sport, you made the right choice apologizing about your attitude.



Or is that how it’s spelt in America?

We do funny things in Amerika, haha. I do pretty good, I mean well for a kid with spelling issues. Thanks for the correction. Noted and logged.

yeah you’ve been a complete jerk these past few weeks but as long as you are sincere about your apology I accept it.

This is what Jamie would have done a few days ago. You’re doing no better, so I suggest you pucker up and learn to be mature. agentQ was the one he had the most serious legitimate beef with and he accepted his apology like a man. i suggest you do the same unislab. You aren’t being a man by saying that.

you know
double negatives only make a positive in math, not the real world… people have thier opinions… an apology is a good start, i want to see his words brought to action, he had a bad start, and those trophies mean something, get rid of them, thats like an attempt to take someone else’s achievement.

if you are going to put those in your sig, might as well put world’s highest hopper, longest jumper and best unicyclist ever to walk the planet.

personally i would be pretty annoyed if you put the world’s longest jumper. I may not hold the record, but i think it upsets more than that, anyone who competed has a right to be offended. just take them out, there are plenty of other ways to make a much cooler signature.

I want to see his words brought to Just Conversation or PM’s where they, and all the other words in this thread, belong.

i agree with skrobo, seriously, how do you expect us to aknowladge your apology when you are basically stealling from us (sig’s) You have no idea how angry that makes me, i worked harder than you know for those trophies.

so please, im only going to ask one more time, take them out