AOL steals from many!

Dear Sir/Madam, In October 2003, I cancelled my online service, by phone,
fully documented, time, date, transaction #. In Nov. 2003, I recieved a call
from AOL Rep telling me that my Mail Servise(e-mail) w/AOL will be extended
to me for three months free of cost or obligation. In April I discovered AOL
had never cancelled my service as I requested, continuing to remove from my
bank, every month, oct/apl, online service charges. After an exhaustive
search of an AOL employee, contact w/a Rep in FLORDIA was non- productive,
and reguardless of documented support in my claim, I was told over and over
again that my service was not cancelled because I used the site on 11 Dec
2004 to check mail, once in Jan 2004 and twice in Feburary 2004. Informing
me in many ways, the rep assured me AOL made no error, finaly agreeing to
re-deposit in my account, the last payment. AOL did not redeposit the money.
I closed that account in Wash, transfering to calif, the following month
recieved a letter from AOL requesting monthly service fees and lack of funds
charges for May and June 2004. By the way, I have been with verizon dsl
online sence Oct 2004 . There are no open lines of communication to discuss
this problem, available phone # will not assist or transfer or provide phone
numbers nor has AOL published contact phone numbers.