AOL Instant messager screen names

I was wonder if you could post you AIM screen-name. Mine is RodimusPrimo. Maybe I could get a chat room up once in a while. I have some people’s but thats it. I think chat rooms are alot better then forums if you want info or opinions fast.

P.S. Just post your screen-name a maybe a question. Like this :

The_SkunkMan: RodimusPrimo

cough AIM Screen Names cough


KacTheAce >>> Sounds Like a cool idea

AOL sucks it makes me cry!:frowning:

I agree with Super Evil.
MSN Instant Messenger is better than AOL.

AIM might suck but more people have screen names. I like all of them.

That’s true, more people have it but MSN is better.

Download Trillian ( and it won’t make a difference at all. Best. Program. Ever. It supports all the major IM services in one swanky interface.

thats what i use. I has AIM, ICQ, MSN messenger, yehoo messenger, and IRC.

dowloaded it yesterday… so far i like it

i hate trillian with unbridled passion. its really bad because if you accidentally sign on two people at the same time it combines their buddy lists permanently. theres many more reasons i hate it but im tired of typing. its only redeeming quality is that if you type “(@)” a little cat appears in the message box and it makes a meow noise.

at leat u have your priorities right

if you love cats you’ll love this(or hate it)

MSN-Messenger rulezz:D :smiley: :smiley: . In the Netherlands everybody used MSN. Just a few crazy people use: Yahoo-Messenger or DMSN. But the most use msn. And we have msn +. That is a illigal upgrade for msn.:wink:


Hey, as a few people may already know, I’m Wizzard1708 on AIM. I’m in the process of building a “Unicycling” section of my buddy list, so feel free to make your presence known. And Trillian does rock, as long as you make sure not to use the multiple-screenname option with anyone’s names but your own. And I’ve only got one name. But Trillian is good anyway, because there’s skins to make it look good. Yes. Anyway … IM me!

DUDE, That’s so funny!!! But what are they saying to each other?

i cant read lips and theres no sound. but i think its like one of those old ninja movies where the sound isnt synchronized to the movement of lips. the small cat is asking the large cat for change. look at him beg. aparently the big cat is taking lessons from Brian Dawkins(eagles rock!!!)

I’m mkuhfahl on aol & yahoo… I make it pretty easy to find me :slight_smile: