Anyway to prevent dents/scratches?

I have noticed that when your learing on a UNI you tend to drop it quite a bit. Is there anyway to stop it? I was thinking along the lines of some sort of guard around the seat and/or fork. Any suggestions?


You sound like me when I started. I did not want to ding up my big investment.

Probably the only ways to prevent scratches and dings is 1) don’t drop it or 2) don’t ride it. Since neither of these is going to happen, consider that a few scratches and dings here and there will give it some character. Also helps to identify your uni when somebody else with the same type of uni leaves theirs next to yours.

Be careful with your uni but ride and have a good time.

yeah I guess so, I shouldnt worry too much about it I suppose

If you’re fairly competent at falling and generally land on your feet, get into the habit of grabbing the seat when you start to fall.

I don’t really practice tricks, just spend hours riding so I don’t have that many falls, but they do happen and it’s very rare that my seat gets near the ground.

What cycle do you have? Or more importantly, which saddle do you have on it? Most of the newer and better saddles can take a fair amount of abuse from dropping.


You can try and cover the saddle w/ a thick sports sock(s). Remove it from the saddle post, put it in a sock, and sew the end of the sock. Cut a small hole where the srews are and mount them back again. When falling becomes infrequent, you can take off the sock. (You can even color coordinate the sock.)

a sock eh? Clever. Why did’nt I think of that?

Just my personal philosophy:

Brand new shiny white sneakers? Walk on the tops of them.

Brand new expensive skis with cool graphics? Grind those edges first run.

Brand new uni? Wipe out…it’s only a matter of time anyway.


Amen. It’s like getting nice comfy new furniture and putting clear plastic over it. My trials uni is less than a week old. The first day or two, it was pristeen, and everyone thought it was gorgeous, but now that I’ve broken it in a little and it has some scuffs on it, i get people asking me what happened there? How did you do that? So i say, oh I was riding down some stairs and it fell. Then they get impressed at the danger of it or something.

the point is: Scratches and scuffs are like unicycle battle scars. They’re what unicycles use for bragging rights in unicycle prisons

Same here , I never saw the ‘stunts’ until I started reading here.

I would never jump down anything that would bend my frame.
(old uni not made for these type of stunts)

The trick is to get a new one once your ‘learned’.

My original uni was my dad’s , and it was already beatup.
It was really beatup once I got done with it, and he took it way.
(bought me the one I have now in the pics)

So, I learned real quick to grab the seat on my new one.
(hard to hold on to the ‘old style’ seat on mine without ripping the cover off)

You get better at it… it’s like a golf swing. Once you have it, it’s good. But, you have to stay with it.
(That goes for almost anything you do thou,

“if you don’t use it, you lose it” … :smiley: )

happy uni-ing !

yeah I guess its true, I just get very posessive about my stuff. (I yell at anyone who tries to scuff my shoes) Oh well, it will blow over and I wont care soon