Anything new about new Kris holm SEAT

has there been any updates about the new seat that norco is suposed to be comin out, i havnt been on for along time, and im to damn lazy to go back and look for it, so ill just ask and waste peoples time. thanks.

Ahem… saddle, and I do believe Velo will be producing it and I don’t know when it will be released, but believe me, I WILL be purchasing it, bye now!!!

I saw one for sale at the unicon, gray and black, kris holm signiture on the side, and pretty soft. Might be on, but it was pretty expensive

You saw the prototype. It is not for sale. John at says they should be available for sale around late Fall. The expected price he is giving people who ask is about $45 USD.

Looks like a real good seat. I have seen it and touched it, but have not sat on it yet. Must remember to give it a sit test on a unicycle before UNICON is over.

I rode with John D. in the Torchlight Parade last Saturday here at UNICON. John rode a 20" with the new KH saddle to test it’s comfyness and seemed to be very pleased with it. He did have one problem…broke something under the seat but I think it had to do more with the seat connection hardware and not the saddle. The saddle on their display table here is very much a Kris Holm signature saddle as Kris personally signed the saddle on it’s side.

Having a great time in Seattle. Wish you all could be here.