Anything free

I am in desprate need of anything having to do with unicycling weather it’s full unicycles, unicycle parts, pads or anything else that you don’t want or would like to donate. I will pay for shiping as long as it is a resonable price. Realy anything can help,

Hello hot4uni,
I have a Nimbus 20 inch with iss hub.I am willing to give you. It is in pretty good condition and it has only been used for about three months. The reason that I don’t need it is because I recently got one from a friend for free that is a bit better, so I thought that it might as well got to use. Just tell me where you are and I will ship it to you.

wowowowoowowowowow. if that is for real, maybe I should start asking for stuff. A free isis freestyle :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


Hm will i got an old torker that I don’t need anymore either. It’s just been gathering up dust and I guess if you really want it I will give it to you. It’s a 20 inch wheel with a kinda newish tire so just pm your address but you will have to pay shipping.

Holy crap! I expected him to get an old pair of pedals and maybe a bent seatpost, but 2 unicycles?!?! Not only that, but one’s an ISIS freestyle and the other is a trials!!! That’s a heck of a deal!


That was Andrew (Crazy4uni) and me playing a joke on him.

But at least we have one offer for real