Anything besides a uni seat

so here is this thing that I made up while thinking of cool uni tops.
you see it looks cool when riding and when you get to a big hill you fall backwards and tell your uni to freewheel (minor details) then you zoom down the hill!

“Independent cheek” type seats were first seen around the 1890s. Generally these seats are aimed at comfort and not performance, so they never found favor among serious cyclists. I have not tried one myself, but have sat on them at bike shows. I get the impression they don’t offer good support for controlling the bike. In other words, I imagine a tendency to slide off the front. I think they are generally designed for upright riding, not an aerodynamic position. Those seats also tend to be heavy, due to the duplication of components.

Of all the ideas listed so far, the toilet seat sounds like one of the funniest. I also liked the cow. A fish or any other animal would be pretty funny, but if it’s for show purposes, make sure it’s something people can still see while it’s being ridden.

The La-z-boy idea sounds cool, but would be very difficult to make workable. Perhaps extending that concept to something lighter. How about one of those floating lawn chairs you use in a swimming pool? Or otherwise a lightweight chair that would be easier to attach to a unicycle.

If you’re building a tall unicycle, use a giraffe for the frame, with the seat as it’s head. Or a flamingo.

I’d suggest a second wheel. Rotate the second wheel 90 degrees so that you can hold onto the rim and use it like the handlebars on daino’s handlebar unicycle (so that the two wheels form an X when viewed from above). If you use two different wheel types, it would be a two in one uni. It shouldn’t be too much harder to ride than the handlebar uni, either (well, other then the pedal that keeps jabbing you in the face).

With two wheels, I’m not sure if you could call it a unicycle anymore, but at least people would stop asking that one question…


And here’s a rough example of what I mean, as close as my skills with ms paint can do.

You’ve got it up-side down :astonished: :smiley:

That’d be really easy to make too, all you need is a bit of pipe and two unicycles.


I can’t believe no one has recommended a Seussian seat. I don’t know exactly what that entails, but do some research into it (I would suggest starting with “Go Dog Go”).