Anything besides a uni seat

Hey, If you could have anything on the top of a unicycle…besides a uni seat…that would look interesting and still be possible to ride, what would it be? I have a welding project due and I was oging to make a frame but I’m still thinking of ideas. Stuff such as a bike frame, a plastic horse, handlebars, a chair…anything.

Please make the suggestion semi-realistic

How about a great big fish, with a saddle that looks like a horse saddle, so you’re riding along on top of a big fish.


A handle?

It’s actually pretty hard to ride.

I like the fish idea


How about a goat’s head? Complete with horns and painted to look real evil…

A dragon?

A statue of that taco bell dog

A wheel - a unicycle where you sit on one wheel and pedal the other - it could be reversible

A seat of nails

A brick

Oversized hand

A nude woman lying down, either side up/down

Attach an umbrella, welded to the back and hung over your head by a rod

A La-z-boy recliner.

Or otherwise, any kind of cushy, super-comfortable seat.

So far I like the comfy seat idea and the fish…although, with the seat, I’m not sure how I could position my feet or anything in order to ride…

my thoughts take me back to a certain London Juggling convention (2002?) where miark (of and will stevens had a DM advanced ringmaster without a saddle, and they were seeing what they could improvise as a saddle, a shoe worked briefly and miark tried an outdoor chair, and he just wouldnt give up, in the end will rode it holding the top of the frame in a race against miark on a 12"

I have this mini skateboard I got for Christmas from Wal Mart, it’s looks like it could be a seat, you might want to cut the middle off the sides a little though for your legs.

um, a toilet seat?

Ok, thats all I got for now.


never mind the saddle!..replace the wheel by a wheel!..OF CHEESE!

Yeah, I’m just being stupid but that idea has been haunting me for ages…

a beanbag chair?

no no no, a beanbag chair would be way to comfy, you’d never feel like pedaling!

j/k, I like that actually.

Mental, we’re just glad you could finally express that thought.


I remember seeing in a video on “thinking outside the box” some guy that invented a bicycle seat that was basically two roundish seats side by side, one for each butt cheek. They each had independent suspension so they’d move up and down with your legs.

It was supposed to be more comfortable and less dangerous to sensitive areas but it never gained acceptance because (the video argued) it didn’t fit the paradigm of what people thought a bicycle seat should be.

Anyway, I kinda thought it would make a good long-distance unicycle seat. The only drawback is sliding off it, but with some extended GB4 handles that shouldn’t be a problem.

Well, if you took out some of the wheels, this seems like it would be comfortable…


edit: Spyder sent me that link originally…I should have known it already came from these forums (gallery of funny pics) Oh well, still looks comfy!


I’d love to figure out how to get a La-z-boy mounted on top of one wheel.

okay. so you should weld a small bike’s bottom bracket onto a giraffe where the ‘top bracket’ would normally be. leave the bike frame on there, run the chain from the bike to the uni wheel. ride away!

right now I’m pondering how I could get a really comfy chair or a beanbag to work with my legs, and a way to support it…

I was thinking I could take a childs potty and weld a seat post onto it and then use that.

Re: Anything besides a uni seat

On Tue, 30 Mar 2004 19:56:23 -0600, “hell-on-wheel” wrote:

>It was supposed to be more comfortable and less dangerous to sensitive
>areas but it never gained acceptance because (the video argued) it
>didn’t fit the paradigm of what people thought a bicycle seat should be.

I would be scared to trust my ‘sensitive areas’ to these independently
moving parts. Too easy to pinch something between them. Maybe if you
filled the space with some semi-soft rubber.

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I think profile should make some stronger 145mm cranks - Ryan Atkins

How about a Banana seat and sissy bar form an old school schwinn? You would still be able to ride and control it, and it would be different than a normal Uni.

Can anyone say: “Front mount only!” The Banana seat/sissy bar combination would be cool looking though.

My favorite suggestion so far is the fish seat! --chirokid–

oh boy,another chance to bring out the cow pic.