Anyone with a Triton 36 and would you do it again

I am looking to buy a new 36er and I am looking at the KH36 but after adding the accessories I want the price is not that far from buying a Triton 36 so I have to ask, who has gone this route and what can you say for the triton?

No personal experience with Triton frames, but I know it’s a great product. I’ve always wanted a Ti frame. That one is beautiful, but looks like it’s geared for MUni. I imagine your plan is to use it for road riding? Love the Scott Wallis seat, but can it work with the handlebar setup you would use? That small handle is probably great for MUni but not for long road rides. I also love the disc brake; it’s the best way to brake a 36".

Hope that helps. What’s wrong with the 36ers you have? I know your Schlumpf whistles when you ride it fast, and won’t work well with a brake. But I wonder if one of the newer disc systems could be used on that frame? Or just a new frame for that uni?

I have a 29" Triton and a 26" Triton Schlumpf, and I’ve been waiting for a 36" Triton Schlumpf since November last year.

As far as I’m aware- they’re out of stock in both the US and Germany, and waiting on a shipment from Russia.

It’s the best frame out there.

In terms of lightness, it’s comparable to the KH frames, or only slightly heavier.

In terms of toughness- it leaves Aluminium for dead. I’ve killed two KH frames- one by stripping the bolt holes, and the other by the warping the seatpost when I cut it down. Ditto my steel frames. My 4yr old Triton 29" still looks brand new, whereas most Aluminium or Steel frames will be in need of a repaint. Steel also rusts if not well maintained.

Regarding the design- I had some input into my 29" Triton- it’s low profile with cut out corners, whilst still allowing a big tyre- so no problems with getting your knees caught on the edge. Some of the newer Triton MUnis are very wide though- not sure I’m a fan of wide Unis, but at least they’ve kept the cut out corners.

That looks pretty damn amazing. Can you get a schlumpf in that setup?





After riding my Triton 29er for the last 2 years, at the end of last year I bought a triton 36er frame to build up a new 36er. I must say, the welds on my batch produced 36er frame are just as clean as the work on my one off custom built triton 29er frame. The attention to detail on the finished product is great.

That said, I imagine it’ll ride just as sweet as my 29er as well, but for now I play the game of awaiting the return of my schlumpf hub from switzerland before I can complete my Triton schlumpf 36er build…Fingers crossed it makes it by the start of summer so I can enjoy the 36er this year…

For now my Triton 36er frame is sitting in my office next to my giraffe. Let’s hope the two cross-breed and have titanium baby giraffes :smiley:

Yes, I would use it mainly for road riding although I would like to try a little 36 off road riding as well, I have been wanting to try Rob’s ride for a while now. As for my Nimbus 36 the frame and the T-Bar handle has cracked and the wheel is due for a rebuild, as for my geared 36 I am still a bit scared of the geared speed when I start spinning so I will probably have the geared hub laced into a 29 wheel.
I really like the look of the Triton 36 and figure I would put the wallis design seat on my Kh29 and either make a new handle bar or ? for the 36. I am a bit concerned about the Sinz crank arms and their strength, I would like some double holed cranks with maybe 150/125 or 140/120 or so.

I have a custom tall frame based on the wide triple mount frames. I don’t think I would get the same design frame again (sometimes I hit my knees on the crown) but would not hesitate to get another frame from Triton if I wanted another high-end frame.

My frame is only slightly heavier than a KH but both wider (to my specs) and considerably stiffer.

The welded on disk brake mount is very nice for if you want to switch wheels and doesn’t have any of the flex inherent in the bearing cap mounts.

oh and the welds are the best I have ever seen.

I have a KH36 frame and have no real issues with it now that I am using a disk brake but found it a bit to flimsy for off-roading with maguras.

actually a welded on brake mount would be a benefit for my 36" frame as well as I get brake chatter when I use metallic pads with the big wheel and bearing cap mount, a firmer mount might mitigate that. for now I use organic pads instead and it works fine.

Triton 36er

One of my big goals for this year is to get a Schlumpf hub and Triton 36er frame to put it in. First I will be getting a KH 36er frame to hold me over…
dmacuni- A titanium MUni giraffe would be sweet. I realize a lot of real MUni trails would be impossible on a giraffe; just due to branch height alone, besides the wheel size, torque to the wheel, etc. Some trails could be awesome though.

I’m thinking a 26" Duro Wildlife Leopard put into my Tom Miller 6foot giraffe. It already has a Profile crank upgrade. I will have to cut and reweld the frame to make it happen, but I think it has to be done! It only has a 20" wheel now, so I don’t like doing 10 or 20 mile rides on it anymore. I’m spoiled by my 36" tire. I’m inspired to make this happen.

Has anyone here put a Schlumpf in a giraffe yet!??
Mad skills would be required.

When I get to my giraffe project I will post some pics and video…

Let me know when you’re ready and maybe we can carpool! That ride is fine for ungeared 36" or geared 29". It would be a struggle on a regular 29" depending on the group size/rider mix.

True, but not necessarily for the reason you think. The Schlumpf is a wheel hub, that needs crank arms attached to it to work. Unless a lot of customizing was done, it wouldn’t be physically possible to use on a giraffe.

Has anyone here put a Schlumpf in a giraffe yet!??
Mad skills would be required.

As John foss said, could not use the shlumpf in a giraffe, ( other than a 3 wheel stack)
I don’t think this has been done
Would be pretty amazing and likely pretty lethal

you could however use the schlumpf mountain drive bottom bracket (gears down)transmission, or the speed hub ( I think its called this) (gears up)

Although again not really sure theres too much point. Likey very difficult dangerous etc

good point…

I obviously didn’t think it through when I pictured (briefly) a Schlumpf hub in a giraffe. I had the pleasure of giving NurseBen’s Schlumpf a try at the Black Bear Rampage last October.

Picking a fixed gear combination based on the upper chainring and lower fixed sprocket makes a lot more sense.

When I get a Schlumpf it will be definitely going into a 36er anyway. I want to hit 30mph (and I will definitely be wearing protective gear when I do it!).

I still think it’s a good idea to put a bigger wheel into my giraffe. The 20" just seems too small…although there is probably a reason why giraffes always seem to come with 20" wheels.

Anybody here run a giraffe with a bigger wheel before?

I’ve seen a photograph of a 36er Giraffe in a gym… gotta dig to find it, but I know it exists.

Yeah, there is a video of Beau Hoover riding it at Mondofest.

My giraffe can fit a 24" wheel. I got it with a 20" in it though. I would just need to find another fixed gear hub and put a 24" in my giraffe to try it.

Well photo anyway:!i=58065893&k=jJ7FK&lb=1&s=A

Thanks for the updates…That’s pretty wild seeing a 36er wheel on a giraffe. Maybe giraffe’s usually come with a 20" wheel because it dramatizes the height of the giraffe even more with a smaller wheel?

I think a 24" wheel would probably be a pretty good size on a giraffe. Since I’m going to be cutting and welding on my frame anyway, I might as well make it so it can fit up to a 26" wheel on it also.